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Information technology

Current situation

The University offers high quality IT services both for education and research. Staff and students can make use of well-equipped teaching and practical rooms with modern PCs and flatscreens and up-to-date IT-tools for education. High performance computing and virtual reality facilities enable researchers to work at the fore-front of science. New IT-developments are consequently monitored and where possible implemented while flexible support is offered to users to make optimal use of all IT-facilities.


Innovation and support of IT are the essences of the university’s strive for excellence in

Research, Education, Societal Impact and Talent Development. In these processes, information technology plays the critical lead role of ‘enabler’. The university claims a leading role in providing both our staff and students with state-of-the art knowledge, tools and support in modern IT, in an international and collaborative setting.


Information technology is a driver for and enabler of education, research and management.

To achieve our aim we will:

  • Actively monitor and implement new IT-developments
  • Ensure an accessible and robust IT-infrastructure
  • Support and instruct staff and students in the use of IT-facilities and IT-tools


The new IT-developments to be implemented in the coming years will focus on student-centered learning, big data and information. For education we will continue the development of student-centered learning by using learning analytics, personalised systems and better integration of educational systems.

Research will benefit from an increased impact and accessibility of high-quality infrastructure in the field of high performance computing and big data facilities with expert support from data scientists. Also an accessible infrastructure for carefully unlocking and archiving of scientific output and scientific data management will be created.

To provide all the necessary information for students, staff and management in an efficient way we will ensure a limited number of accessible, reliable and robust information systems, with strong security and good privacy protection.

Staff and students are supported to acquire digital skills to be used in education and to increase their knowledge of information technology in their own area of attention.

Key Performance Indicators

(work in progress)

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