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Important points to remember about the house style

Important points to remember about the house style:  


Space is an important concept for the University of Groningen. Where the house style is used, there is plenty of space. This gives a restful feeling. House style use means text and images are not packed together tightly. Plenty of space is left, both in a literal sense and a figurative sense.


The house style colour is red. This means that red must play a prominent role whenever the house style is used.

Identity through simplicity

The house style elements should be used as ‘purely’ as possible, without embellishments and complications. The style is strong and recognizable through the use of strong images in combination with the style elements.

Research and teaching are jobs that are shaped by individuals.

The University of Groningen offers an environment for free thinkers. There is room to learn, conduct research and teach freely and independently. Individual development plays a central role. In accordance with this, the University wishes to show its human side through the house style. This is achieved by portraying people as they are, respectfully, naturally and without frills (see image plan) and/or through citations (if no images are available).

Academic character

University of Groningen expressions have an academic character, are authoritative and inspire trust. Designers face the challenge of finding a good balance between the ‘human’ and ‘academic’.

The world as a stage

The University of Groningen is international in teaching and research. Its international character is expressed through images, text and language.

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