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Distinguishing organizational units, University-wide activities and projects

Organizational units, University-wide activities and projects can be distinguished by:

  • including the name of the organizational unit in the logo banner
  • developing a recognizable imagery.

Logo banner

Just to be clear, only Faculties, Service Units or organizational units that fall directly under the Board of the University or have received special permission to do so may appear in the logo banner. University-wide projects or activities may not appear in second position in the logo banner. See also brand architecture

Recognizable imagery

Distinguishing or making organizational units, University-wide activities or projects recognizable can be achieved by developing a recognizable imagery. This could include:

  • a clear choice in theme or style of photography
  • always applying style elements in the same way. It goes without saying that the style elements must conform with the University house style criteria
  • a drawing or image that is characteristic of the organizational unit, the activity or the project.

Characteristic drawing/image

When commissioning a drawing or image that will recur in all communications by the relevant organizational unit, University-wide activity or project, a number of conditions must be borne in mind:

  • The drawing or image must always be used in combination with the University of Groningen logo and form part of the University house style.
  • The University logo will always appear in the upper left corner of the final image (digital or paper).
  • The image or picture will be subordinate and not be at the same height as the University logo.
  • Text is not allowed in the image or picture. If the name of the project or organizational unit is included, the picture can quickly appear to be a sublogo. The University house style forbids sublogos.
  • The primary University house style colours must be used in the drawing or image. Naturally this does not apply if the choice of image is a photo.
  • The drawing or image must comprise clear lines and fit the house style.

A nice example of a characteristic drawing or image is the one that recurs in various communications of the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Image FEB
Image FEB

Please inform the Communication Office in advance and involve it in the design process ( )!

Using a characteristic drawing/image with a different house style

It is possible to use characteristic images in different house styles under the following conditions:

  • Use is always in combination with the University of Groningen logo.
  • The image must appear close to the University logo.
  • The image may not be larger than the University logo.

Further, the general rules for using the University logo in other house styles apply .

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