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A.I. in Education

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The Community of Practice A.I. in Education focuses on exploring the implications of artificial intelligence in education. Created in response to the enthusiastic reception of ChatGPT, this community aims to connect various initiatives within the RUG to investigate the challenges and opportunities of AI tools in education.

The mission of the CoP: AI in Education is to create a network between the relevant stakeholders within the RUG (such as faculties, BoExs, schools, research groups and individual researchers, lecturers and education specialists) to collect, generate and spread information on the implications of AI for education.

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CoP Leader - Dr Tri Tran

Dr Tri Tran is currently leading CoP A.I. in Education. He is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business. Dr Tran specializes in Operations Management and Innovation & Technology Management

The initial goals of the CoP: AI in Education are to

  • continuously monitor the further development of AI tools relevant for education,
  • analyze the challenges and opportunities these tools create for education,
  • collect and develop strategies to mitigate these challenges and use these opportunities,
  • communicate these strategies to the relevant stakeholders such as faculties, BoExs and individual teachers.

In particular, this will include

  • collecting best practices for incorporating AI tools into teaching
  • flagging assessment methods which can easily be completed with ChatGPT
  • proposing alternative assessment methods which cannot easily be completed with ChatGPT

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See the slides

Current perspectives of the impact of ChatGPT on Education.

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