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Right of consent

The Board of the University requires the prior consent of the University Council for any decision to be taken relating to at least the adoption or amendment of:

  • the strategic plan, including the so-called quality indicators;
    Note: Each year, the council is presented with a mid-term review of the implementation of the plan;
  • the design of the quality assurance system and the proposed policy in light of the results of the quality assessment ;
  • the student charter ;
  • the administration and management regulations ;
  • rules on working conditions;
  • the choice of representation systems;
  • the policy on making provisions for the financial support for students who are delayed due to special circumstances ( )
    Note: This includes the CUOS regulations and advice.
  • rules for PhD scholarship programmes;
  • provisions and rules for the financial support of bursary students from the graduation fund ;
  • the electoral regulations ;
  • the binding study advice;
  • The main features of the annual budget and changes in the allocation model;
    Note: At the occasion of the review of the consent procedure on January 28, 2016 the council has requested the board to extend the agreement on the broad outline of the institution's budget. This request concerns:
  • the main features of the internal allocation model (not just the changes)
  • the use of private resources (not only the general revenue)
  • the minimum value for consent (now >500k in general and >5000k in case of real estate).

The Board of the University requires the prior consent of the part of the University Council that was elected by and of the staff for any decision to be taken relating to matters of general interest for the special legal status of the staff at the university, unless these are already substantively governed in a regulation by or under the law or a collective bargaining agreement, or employee participation has already been exercised in another way.

Note: The division of competences with respect to decisions to be taken by the Board of the University relating to matters of general interest to the particular legal situation of staff and related to restructuring (defined in the UG Reorganisation Code: are governed by a covenant between the Council, the Local Consultative Committee, and the Board of the University ( ).

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