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Other arrangements

Intentions of entering into strategic cooperation agreements with third parties, or the founding of university affiliated organizations, will be discussed by the board with the council. In the case of strategic agreements with third parties, such as the ministry, concerning the profile of the university, these plans are submitted by the board to the council. Decisions by the board on the (commission of) carrying out an external investigation, or seeking external advice in respect of the (re)modeling of the university’s administrative organization are reported by the board to the council.

The council discusses at least with the board the annual report, social report, report of the confidential advisor, financial report (financial statements including attachments), reports on the institutional accreditation, the agenda of the meetings of the governing board of the Association of universities in the Netherlands (VSNU), rules in the areas of safety, health, and welfare, arrangements for financial support for students, the electoral regulations of the university, the internal organization of the student services, and competences with regard to the working conditions. In addition, the agenda and reports of the administrative consultations are discussed in the council, and the council can take note of the underlying collected files.

For large projects such as the campuses in Frysia and Yantai the University Council and Board of the University further develop the involvement of the participatory bodies in good dialogue. These agreements, including additional consultations on the plans in Friesland and Yantai, are recorded in the (cumulative) lists of council decisions. The recent legislative changes related to strengthening the administrative capacity of educational institutions are also implemented by mutual agreement. All laws and regulations regarding democratic participation at our university are being clarified and kept up to date by the Bureau in one public spot .

Note: The law requires that advice is sought at such a time that it may have a material influence on the decision making. The University Council thereby regularly seeks the opinion from faculty and services councils. The chairperson of the council oversees the democratic process.

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