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Wubbo Ockels School for Energy and Climate News


Home@House of Connections: Wubbo Ockels School for Energy and Climate
Posted on:15 May 2023

Four Schools for Science & Society and the University of the North (UvhN) will operate from the House of Connections—part of the Groot Handelshuis—at the Grote Markt. Who will they collaborate with, what will they tackle first, and how will the House Of Connections support them to achieve their goals? The Wubbo Ockels School for Energy and Climate kicks off this series.

EnTranCe Award: a prize for pioneers in the energy transition
Posted on:09 May 2023

The EnTranCe Award is an incentive prize for those who move the transition forward by inventing, implementing, or making innovative solutions big.

Chapter Zero Netherlands officially launched
Posted on:12 April 2023

The Climate Governance Initiative of the World Economic Forum (WEF) has launched Chapter Zero in the Netherlands on March 30, following fifty other countries.

Successful WOS-event 'Wubbo's Legacy'
Posted on:11 April 2023

On 3 April, the successful Wubbo Ockels School (WOS) event 'Wubbo's Legacy' took place at the House of Connections.

Drie RUG-onderzoekers benoemd tot leden van Wetenschappelijke Klimaatraad
Posted on:24 March 2023

Linda Steg, Machiel Mulder en Wouter Peters zijn benoemd tot leden van de Wetenschappelijke Klimaatraad (WKR). Dat maakte het Ministerie van Economische zaken en Klimaat bekend. Deze onafhankelijke adviesraad zal het kabinet adviseren over het klimaatbeleid.

Imagining ‘Transformative Futures’ for our World, Climate and Sustainable Development
Posted on:15 March 2023

The University of Groningen (UG), together with its close partners Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Indonesia and Thammasat University (TU) in Thailand have organized the ‘Transformative Futures’ conference to take place 14 to 17 March 2023 in Bangkok.

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