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Wubbo Ockels School for Energy and Climate Research



What is the Wubbo Ockels School for Energy and Climate?

The Wubbo Ockels School (WOS) is a network organisation, open to all interested parties, and characterised by these three aspects:

  • Interdisciplinary research and learning are promoted

  • Research questions and education are designed and developed within a community of interested academic staff from different faculties

  • The WOS collaborates with the outside world, including other knowledge institutions, businesses, and societal organisations both domestically and internationally

Additionally, the WOS acts as a knowledge broker by sharing knowledge to support informed decision-making in government, politics, business, and other sectors. In principle, all activities of the school also provide direct added value for researchers and students. This added value consists of:

  • The emergence of new research partnerships - both among scientists from different faculties and between partners within and outside the university - which can lead to innovative questions and breakthroughs benefiting the academic world and society

  • More opportunities for researchers to be visible in and engage with society

  • The creation of new channels for research funding through external partners

  • New content for education and new teaching methods for students who want to contribute to solving regional and global challenges

  • Students developing new knowledge and skills through collaboration and learning with people from other disciplines and through interaction with external parties, enhancing their employability

  • Additional opportunities for students and researchers to connect with relevant employers (networking and learning from the outside world)

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