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Prof. Dr. Hans van Ees

Prof. Dr. Hans van Ees
Prof. Dr. Hans van Ees

Name: Hans van Ees

Nationality: Dutch

Qualifications: Professor/ Dean of University College Groningen

What you'll teach at University College Groningen: Exploring Challenges of Modern Society

Hans van Ees is Dean of the University College Groningen and Professor of corporate governance and institutions at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen. His research deals with corporate governance, theory of business groups, board of directors and sustainable corporate performance. He is Associate Editor of Corporate Governance: An International Review, and as Director of the Corporate Governance Insights Centre of the University of Groningen, involved in executive teaching, consultancy and research for private companies and the Dutch government on the principles of good governance.

Personal Information:

My favourite food is... Hot and spicy (for instance from Surinam) or Italian dishes.

My favourite thing about Groningen is... It is small, yet diverse and vibrant. Everything you would like to have is in your neighborhood or at a short distance. I hardly take my car, the city and the province Groningen are bikers’ paradises (when it does not rain). And even the beach is only a short bus trip away (to the Island of Schiermonnikoog).

My favourite place in the world is... There are many, but when it comes to history and heritage it is Rome, when talking modern, I would choose New York.

Something most people don' t know about me... Actually I do not know, a lot I guess but people can always ask. But, good movies (tear jerkers) make me cry easily!

My biggest achievement is... Raising my 3 children, they are grown ups now and I’m proud of them.

When I'm not working I'm... Lazy! No... I like playing music, I play a bass guitar, have been playing in bands for almost 40 years now. I like pop music, rock and blues. And I like to jog, 15k is a good distance for me on a sunny Sunday morning.

My inspiration is... Everywhere. Mostly great people that combine wisdom with a sense humbleness and empathy (Nelson Mandela and Gandhi in politics), Robert Solow and Joseph Stiglitz (in Economics) or Bruce Springsteen 'the Boss' in music.

Contact Information:


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