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Apply now!

Great that you have decided to apply for the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme at University College Groningen! We are delighted to take your application into consideration.

1. Let's start with Studielink

Everything starts with Studielink, a Dutch platform where all new students need to register their application. In fact, all applications to universities in the Netherlands start in Studielink. We gather all necessary personal information from this platform, it is therefore important that you keep this accurate and up to date for a smooth application process!

2. What happens after I apply via Studielink?

After you have started your application in Studielink, you will receive an email from us with a link to our Online Application System (OAS). In this application system, you upload all the documents needed to provide us with a complete application file. We could ask you, for example, for a copy of your transcripts or a copy of your diploma. This forms the basis of your application, after which we take this into consideration.

We are a selective programme. Application proceeds in two steps. In the first step your eligibility is determined. If you are deemed eligible for admission, then, in a second, step your motivation video or personal interview are used to determine whether you will ultimately be admitted to the programme.

Please note that you can already submit your application before finishing your final exams and be given a place at UCG, so there is no need to wait until you have officially graduated!

3. So, OAS is finished. What's next?

Once you have completed your application in Studielink and OAS, we aim to inform you within 4 weeks whether you are offered a place at UCG. When you receive this offer it's up to you to accept it! By accepting our offer you will become a so called Offer Holder. Being an Offer Holder means that you get the chance to bond with your future classmates during the Offer Holder Day! (If the social distancing measures allow it.)

Limited spots available!

We review applications on a first come, first serve basis. Due to the unprecedented interest in the University of Groningen, UCG has been asked to make additional spaces available for the class of 2024. Please know we do have limited places available every academic year, for 2021-2022 we have 150 spots available. If you are keen to be part of our Liberal Arts and Sciences programme, we recommend you to complete your application as soon as possible.

Need a hand with your application?

If you are unsure of your next step with your application or whether you are stuck somewhere in the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here for you from Monday to Friday during office hours.

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