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Application process

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How do we select our students?

For the academic year 2022/2023, we have 150 places available in our Liberal Arts and Sciences programme. University College Groningen uses a holistic admissions process which balances academics with motivation and your personal experiences. Our approach means that we look at the big picture regarding your application: who you are, what you've done and what you want to do in the future. Therefore, even if you do not meet (all of the) below mentioned admission requirements, we still strongly encourage you to apply.


Although we are not a numerus fixus programme, we are a selective programme. Application proceeds in two steps. In the first step your eligibility is determined. If you are deemed eligible for admission, then in a second step your motivation video is used to determine whether you will ultimately be admitted to the programme.

Extraordinary personal circumstances

During the first step you need to meet several admission requirements unless you have extraordinary personal circumstances, such as a medical or family situation that affected your grade point average or other requirements listed at the link above. Should you believe you qualify, send an email describing your extraordinary personal circumstances to the admissions office at: Please make sure to send this email before you start your application. We will notify central admissions of your situation and then inform you when you may start your application.

If there is anything else that you want to talk to us about, please feel free to reach out.

Rolling admissions

We review applications on a rolling basis. Decisions will be made and communicated as soon as possible until available spots are filled and then we will start a waitlist. We aim to inform you of your status within 4 to 6 weeks after you completed your application. Apply early!

Prospective-student profile

Would you like to know if University College Groningen can be your future academic home? Check out our prospective-student profile!

The final application deadline is 1 May 2022.

Am I eligible?

During the first step of our application process you need to meet the below mentioned admission requirements. (Keep in mind that we calculate your GPA at the moment of application.) Once these requirements are met, you can continue with the second step of our application process: selection based on your motivation video.

Secondary School Diploma

Students are required to have successfully obtained a secondary school diploma which allows entry to an academic university. Therefore, students need to obtain a Dutch VWO diploma or international equivalent before gaining entry to the programme. The table below shows the most common secondary school diplomas that are considered equivalent to the Dutch VWO diploma:

Qualification Minimum GPA
Netherlands VWO 6,5
United Kingdom Three A-Levels D

Zeugnis der allgemeinen Hochschulreife (Abitur)

United States of America

American High School diploma + three Advanced Placement Tests OR SAT scores *

High School Diploma minimum GPA of 3.0


3 AP tests (grades 3-5) OR score of 1300 on SAT

International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate Diploma

27 points

European Baccalaureate

European Baccalaureate Certificate


*If you wish to apply with SAT scores please inform us via:

English Proficiency

Since English is the official language at University College Groningen, applicants are required to demonstrate proof of their English language proficiency. The following exemptions apply from demonstrating English language proficiency:

GCE(A) level Students

Have obtained at least 3 GCE(A) level certificates from one of the recognized British examination boards.

EB Students

Have a European Baccalaureate diploma from a European School or one of the Accredited European Schools and have (completed) English as final exam subject.

IB Students

Have an International Baccalaureate diploma, with English as the medium of instruction.

OIB Students

Have the French Option Internationale du Baccalauréat (OIB) – section Britannique/Anglais.

South African National Senior Certificate

Have obtained the NSC with IEB Advanced Programme certificate in English with 55% or more.

US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada (English-speaking regions only), Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines

Have completed entire secondary/higher education in one of these countries.

German Abitur

Have obtained the German Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife, including English PF, eA or LK with a minimum grade of 10.

Dutch VWO

Have obtained the Dutch VWO diploma and a 7 or higher for Engels.


Have obtained the Dutch HBO propaedeutic diploma + a GPA of 8 or higher on HAVO English.

If you do not meet the requirements listed above, one of the tests indicated below will provide proof of English proficiency. These tests will always be accepted by UCG as proof of English proficiency (provided that the minimum score was obtained). Minimum required scores for these tests are:






IELTS (Academic)






TOEFL IBT (internet-based)

92 21* (19-23) 21* (20-23) 21* (20-22) 24 (24-26)

Cambridge English

 C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency 

English language test - TC





*Indication for the required scores communicated to applicants. The minimum scores in the TOEFL range will not lead to a sufficient overall score.

Please keep in mind that:

  • The TOEFL and IELTS test scores cannot be older than two years;
  • You may already apply for our BA/BSc in Liberal Arts and Sciences, even though you have not yet taken an English language test or while your test score is still insufficient. In that case, you might be conditionally admitted with one of the conditions for final admission being that you take and pass a (new) test. Please inform the Admissions Office of the date on which you are planning to take such a test;
  • If you need to take one of the above-mentioned tests, you are responsible for making your own arrangements and pay any fee required. As it will take some time for the results to become available, make sure you sign up for an English language proficiency test well in advance before the start of the academic year. Make sure that there is enough time for the results to reach UCG, to make sure that you have the possibility to retake the test if the results are disappointing.

Submission of test results:

  • IELTS: a scan of the score report can be uploaded in the Online Admission System (OAS) or can be send by email. We can verify the score online;
  • TOEFL: initially, a scan of the score report can be uploaded in OAS. If you are admitted, we need to receive the original score report. Please ask the Educational Testing Service to send it to us, using institution code 7191;
  • Cambridge Certificate: initially, a scan of the score report can be uploaded in OAS. If you are admitted, we need to receive a certified copy of the certificate.

Mathematics Proficiency

Even if you do not meet our mathematics requirement, we still encourage you to apply. After reviewing your complete application, the Board of Admission will decide whether you need to submit an alternative test to complement your application.

Due to the content of the courses offered at UCG, we ask that students have achieved a certain level of mathematics proficiency during their prior education. Most students in our programme will have one of the following mathematics qualifications:

Qualification Level Required

Wiskunde A, B, C or D

International Baccalaureate (either one)

Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches


Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation


Mathematical Studies SL or Mathematics SL or Mathematics HL

European Baccalaureate

Mathematics 3 periods or 5 periods

British A-levels

A-level or AS-level in Mathematics

American High School Diploma

AP Calculus or AP Statistics with a minimum grade 3 or SAT math score 600


Mathematik GK/gA or Mathematik LK/eA

For other qualifications not mentioned above, generally, we measure mathematics proficiency by having passed mathematics as a final year or final exam course in a qualification that is equivalent to pre-Dutch University education. The Board of Admission will decide whether the level of the mathematics course within your curriculum is sufficient based on the transcript(s) you provide in your application to UCG.

These are the tests that the Board of Admissions might ask for:

  • Dutch VWO Wiskunde (any type) certificate (Dutch pre-university Mathematics) with a passing grade, obtained at CCVX or Boswell-Beta;
  • AP Calculus or AP Statistics with a College Board examination with a minimum grade of 3;
  • AS-level or A-level certificate in Mathematics (via one of the British A-level examination boards);
  • IB certificate (every level) with a minimum grade of 4

How to apply for the programme?

Everything starts with Studielink, a Dutch platform where all new students need to register their application. We gather all necessary personal information from this platform, it is therefore important that you keep this accurate and up to date for a smooth application process!

Step 1: Studielink

All applications to Higher Education institutes in the Netherlands start in Studielink. Both the University and the Dutch government obtain their information from Studielink, so it is vital that your personal information is accurate and always up to date.

How to use Studielink

Studielink asks for your background information, your previous education, the subjects that you've taken, your grades, and the programmes you want to enrol in. Studielink provides you with a to-do-list with actions you need to complete to finish your application. Regularly check Studielink for new or unfinished items on your to-do list and make to read all incoming messages.

Please note

  • UCG is not a draw programme, therefore you are able to enrol in other programmes as a back up option as well (up to 4);
  • Select the starting date: 1 September, 2022
  • UCG is a residential programme and living in our student housing is mandatory during the first year of your studies. There are no exceptions.

How to login

Depending on your nationality there are different procedures to go through:

Dutch student International students
  • Please log in with your DigiD.
  • If you encounter problems while creating an account, a step-by-step guide outlining how to create a studielink account with your DigiD can be found here.
  • Since you are not registered in the Netherlands you do not have a digital signature (DigiD) yet. Please use the option “Create Studielink account without Digid” instead. Did you study in the Netherlands before and do you already have a Studielink account? Select the option "Log in without Digid".
  • If you encounter problems while creating an account, a step by step guide outlining how to create a studielink account can be found here.

In case you experience any trouble with your Studielink application, please contact the Student Information and Administration desk.

Step 2: Online Application System

After applying for our programme via Studielink, you will receive an invitation (link & password) to our Online Application System (OAS). OAS is the University of Groningen's enrolment software where we collect all your data, documents and motivation for applying to the programme. For a step-by-step guide on how to complete the OAS registration, please review the OAS Handbook. We will not be able to review your application without a complete application in OAS.

Please note that you can already submit your application before finishing your final exams, so there is no need to wait until you have officially graduated!

Required application documents

If you have not graduated yet:

  • All transcripts of your upper secondary education thus far (we can not accept predicted grades, determination will be made on the grades obtained thus far)

  • Proof of enrolment mentioning your expected date of graduation and the full native name of the qualification that you are to obtain (except for students with a Dutch VWO diploma)

  • English translations of your diploma and transcripts (only if the documents are not written in Dutch, English, French or German)

  • Proof of your English proficiency (if needed)

  • Motivation video
  • Up to date CV
  • Copy of ID ( EU/EEA students) or valid passport  (Non-EU students)

If you have already graduated:

  • Copy of your diploma + corresponding transcript(s)

  • English translations of your diploma and transcripts (only if the documents are not written in Dutch, English, French or German)

  • Proof of your English proficiency (if needed)

  • Motivation video
  • Up to date CV
  • Copy of ID (EU/EEA students ) or valid passport (Non-EU students)

  • If you have already started your higher education please also provide your higher education diploma (or a statement of enrollment confirming the graduation date should you have not graduated yet) and your (most recent/final) transcripts.

Motivation video

The motivation video is a significant factor in determining whether you are to admitted to our programme.

Instructions for the video

You are free to use editing/animation software but we must be able to see you for at least part of your video. In addition, we must hear your voice in the video as well. Avoid reading (or appearing to read) from a script - this makes for a very boring video! Make sure that your final video is uploaded on YouTube (paste the YouTube link in a document and upload this document at step 6 in OAS). Upload your video as "unlisted", the Board of Admission can not review videos that are on "private". Your video should be no shorter than 2 minutes and no longer than 5 minutes.

There is one mandatory question that you should address:

  1. How will studying LAS at UCG help you achieve the awesome future you have planned for yourself? (be specific, use examples and be creative here and identify your passions. To answer this well you need to show what you know specifically about our programme).

You should address at least 1 and a maximum of 3 of the following questions:

  1. How can a person (you, for example) become an independent and self sufficient learner? (be specific here; you might start by defining what it means to be independent and self sufficient).
  2. What are important values to you in the multicultural society we live in? (How do you address/use these values in your daily life? How do you actively see yourself contributing to the community as a whole? For instance: what would you do if you saw someone being bullied or attacked because of their race or religion?)
  3. Why is it important for people to have the opportunity to help others in their community? (What can we gain from this? What contribution do you feel you will make to the UCG community? If you have experience with volunteer work use that in your answer)
  4. What are the benefits of interdisciplinary work/study/thinking? (reflect on any experience you have in this area and/or how an interdisciplinary education could help you in your future career).
  5. Tell us about something you are proud of but never (or rarely) get to talk about. (be specific and use examples).

The strongest videos will demonstrate a clear and compelling understanding of the Liberal Arts and Sciences education and our programme at University College Groningen AND will demonstrate both creativity and passion.

Step 3: Accept your Offer

After receiving your offer, you have to accept it as soon as possible. Please note that we work on a first come, first served basis and full = full.

For the academic year 2022-2023 we have 150 available places. These places are reserved for the first 150 applicants who send us their signed Confirmation of Participation (CoP) statement; a document that applicants receive after they pass the selection procedure. Applicants will hear if they are among the first 150 (and are therefore given a guaranteed spot) after sending the signed CoP. Offers will be made as qualified students apply for the programme. Once the 150 spots are filled, UCG will maintain a waitlist and distribute spots once they become available.

After accepting you offer (and receiving a guaranteed spot), you have to meet the conditions linked to your offer. You are required to send certified copies of your diploma, transcript and English proficiency to the Admissions Office. Please note that these requirements are different for every applicant, make sure to pay close attention to the conditions, deadlines and requirements as stated in your Decision Letter.

Dutch law requires that your file contains certified copies of the qualifications on the basis of which you have been admitted. A certified copy is a duplicate of the original diploma and transcript, which bears an original stamp, signature, and date placed by an authorized institution/individual (e.g. notary or school official). By certifying a copy like this, the authorized institution/individual declares that the information on the document is correct and/or corresponds to the information on the original document (e.g. when you send a certified copy of your diploma). Therefore, regular copies as well as scans via e-mail are not sufficient.

Please send the required certified copies to the following address:

University of Groningen
Admissions Office
Broerstraat 5
9712 CP Groningen
The Netherlands

Need a hand? Contact the UCG admissions office via:

Step 4: Complete Enrolment

After accepting your offer you are officially an Offer Holder at University College Groningen! This means that you can already look forward to visiting us during the Offer Holder Day, however, this also means that you have to complete the enrolment steps in order to retain your spot.

  • Enrolment step 1: Register for housing at Frascati via SSH
  • Enrolment step 2: Register for your first Core Elective

More information on how to complete these steps will be shared with prospective students later on.

What is the Offer Holder Day?

To give you a taste of what it is like to be a student at UCG, you will be invited to our Offer Holder Day. During the Offer Holder Day, you will tour the UCG campus, our student housing and you will participate in an activity to get to know the city of Groningen.

You will attend a lecture from one of our academics and you will be introduced to our project work in an interactive workshop. You will also have lunch with our academic staff, UCG students and UCG's study Association Caerus.

This will be the perfect opportunity to experience what it is like to study at University College Groningen and meet your future classmates! You will be informed about the specific date later on.

Need a hand with your application?

If you are unsure of your next step with your application or whether you are stuck somewhere in the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you want to make sure you don't miss any deadlines? Sign up for our newsletter!

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