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Visit University College Groningen

Going to an university is a big step. The programme you choose will define you, so you want to be sure that you are making an informed decision. The University College Groningen organises several events in which you can participate.

Open Day | Experience Day | Virtual Student for a Day

- Open Days

Open Days are for you to find out what we have to offer. If you want to get a true taste of what it means to study Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Groningen, be sure to visit us during one of our Open Days! During these events you will also get a chance to discover the wonderful city of Groningen and our student accommodation Frascati. The city sells itself, as it is an exciting and vibrant place to be and we're certain when you visit, you'll see yourself being part of this amazing city.

- Experience Days

During the Experience Day you will get a more in depth understanding of what it is like to be an UCG student. It is an actual simulation of an average day studying at UCG. This begins by being in a small class with a maximum of 25 (prospective) students. Throughout the day you will take part in several fun and informative activities such as attending an interactive lecture, you will have lunch with current UCG students and staff members and you will learn more about important matters such as the role of project-based learning or practicalities related to the application procedure.

The Experience Day truly offers one of the best opportunities to sit down with our students and staff members and ask them anything you'd like.

- Virtual Student for a Day

During the Virtual Student for a Day you can choose to sign up for several (virtual) activities. During these activities  you will learn more about the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme at UCG. These activities include following a lecture online and having a skype conversation with an UCG student or one of our staff members.

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