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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is residential living obligatory during the first year at UCG? What are the benefits of residential living?
  • Housing emphasizes the bonding between students
  • Our accommodation is located on a premium location in the city centre
  • You will have your own, private, fully-furnished room
  • You will have a guaranteed room, no need to find a place yourself
  • We do offer the flexibility of obligatory residential living for the duration of one year

What are the options for sports/extra-curricular activities/social activities/cultural activities?

  • Join our Student Association Caerus! For an overview all its committees, visit their website
  • Sports: ACLO
  • Culture: USVA, Studium Generale
  • Community life at the UCG campus (Kitchen downstairs in the campus)
  • Common living room in the Frascati student housing where students can eat and study together

What does the University organize for international students?
There are several international student associations, for example: SIB and ESN. An overview of all associations for international students could be found here

What is the final deadline to accept the offer?

  • May 1st 2019

How can I meet/contact current UCG students?

Where can I find more information about the courses and majors?

What kind of guidance does UCG offer?

  • Guidance by a mentor (first year) and tutor (second and third year)
  • Guidance by a student mentor during the first year

What would make a student perform well at UCG?

In general the students that perform well have broad or/and interdisciplinary interest, like being challenged academically, enjoy group and project work in an international community and want to make a meaningful contribution to the world around them.

What would make a student at UCG a happy student?
This partially depends on the student. The ability to shape your own academic programme and the amount of extra-curricular activities available mean there is no single template for a happy student. There are students at UCG involved in athletics, the student organization, social committees, charity work etc. There are also students that gain their inspiration from taking on academic challenges. This is up to the individual student.

Where do I go for questions regarding...?

  • Payment of the tuition fees / Studielink account / RUG account: University Student Desk -
  • Scholarships : Mobility & Scholarship Desk -
  • Visa application: International Service Desk -
  • Admission / Application: Admission & Enrolment Coordinator
  • Housing / Accommodation: Admission & Enrolment Coordinator

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