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Dr. Lieuwe Zijlstra

Dr. Lieuwe Zijlstra
Dr. Lieuwe Zijlstra


Lieuwe Zijlstra




PhD (RUG), PhD (Ghent), Research Master Sociology, Research Master Philosophy, Bachelor Sociology, Bachelor Philosophy.

What you teach at University College Groningen:

Statistics I, Statistics II, Statistics III, Experimental Philosophy, a Y1 project about Personal Identity, Introduction to Sociology, Thesis Seminar, I supervise an exciting internship on personal identity, bachelor thesis supervision, and I am also a tutor.


My research is very interdisciplinary and I attempt to contribute both to the social sciences, to philosophy, and I have always been working hard to bridge different disciplines. Most of my research is in experimental philosophy, which is a field of research in which the research methodology typical to philosophy is combined with the research methodology typical to the social sciences. Current experimentation and research papers are about the psychological mechanisms involved in moral decision making, the objectivity of ethical statements, the psychology behind the idea of moral progress and knowledge, and perceptions of personal identity.

Personal Facts

My favourite food is...
Italian, I guess, although I enjoy different cuisines from different parts of the world.

My favourite thing about Groningen is…
The intellectual climate and cultural scene (especially if you look in the right places), the kind and generous people, and it is just generally very gezellig.

My favourite place in the world is…
Any place with a good intellectual climate, music and art, and a zest for life.

Something most people don’t know about me is...
That as a hobby I occasionally drive 18-wheelers for different companies and to different destinations at day or night.

My biggest achievement is...
Having been awarded a scholarship to Yale or obtaining a PhD in Groningen or Ghent. Both have brought me much knowledge and skills but also a feeling of being home and many good friends.

When I’m not working I’m busy...
Writing, visiting concerts, going to the theatre, traveling, driving a truck, playing piano, meeting friends.

My inspiration is...
Any person who is creative (and creates!), ambitious, and good-hearted.

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