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Ecological impact and cost-effectiveness of wildlife crossings in a highly fragmented landscape: A multi-method approach

Multi-scale mapping of cultural ecosystem services in a socio-ecological landscape: A case study of the international Wadden Sea Region

Mixed monetary and non-monetary valuation of attractive urban green space: A case study using Amsterdam house prices

Meeting places and social capital supporting rural landscape stewardship: A Pan-European horizon scanning

Understanding Added Value in Integrated Transport Planning: Exploring the Framework of Intelligence, Design and Choice

Identifying Citizens' Place Values for Integrated Planning of Road Infrastructure Projects

A multi-scale approach to rural depopulation in Mexico

Maintaining natural and traditional cultural green infrastructures across Europe: learning from historic and current landscape transformations

Tracked to protect - Spatiotemporal dynamics of recreational boating in sensitive marine natural areas

Duurzaam toerisme in het Waddengebied: een ruimtelijke balanceer-act

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Onderzoek toont aan: faunapassages dragen bij aan biodiversiteit