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Clinical Psychology and Experimental Psychopatholo

This division constitutes the research unit Clinical Psychology and Experimental Psychopathology.

Address:Grote Kruisstraat 2/1
9712 TS Groningen
The Netherlands


Bennik, dr. E.C.
Assistant professor
Boonstra, F., MSc
PhD student
Borg, C., Dr
Assistant Professor, Certified PsychoSexologist
Brouwer, B., MSc
Assistant Teacher
Castelein, prof. dr. S.
Professor of Recovery from Severe Mental Illness
Daniels, J.K., Prof
Professor of Clinical Psychology, Rosalind-Franklin Fellow
Eisma, M.C., PhD
Associate Professor
Fereidooni, F., Dr
Postdoctoral researcher
Franzen, M., MSc
Researcher and lecturer
Glashouwer, dr. K.A.
Researcher / Lecturer Psychology
Huberts, E.A., MSc
PhD Student
Huntjens, prof. dr. R.J.C.
Professor of Experimental Clinical Psychology
Jong, prof. dr. P.J. de
Professor of Experimental Psychopathology
Jonker, dr. N.C.
Assistant professor
Karsten, dr. J.
Assistant Professor
Kim, J.J., Dr
Kleine Deters, R., MSc
Researcher / lecturer
Lancel, M.
Lenferink, dr. L.I.M.
Postdoc researcher
Lommen, dr. M.J.J.
Associate professor
Näther, M., MSc
PhD student
Nauta, prof. dr. M.H.
Professor in Clinical Psychology (spec youth)
Rot, dr. M. aan het
Associate Professor with ius promovendi
Thunnissen, M.R., MSc
PhD Student Psychology
Wessel, dr. J.P.
Associate Professor with Ius Promovendi
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