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Research Van Swinderen Institute

Recent news

Recent Van Swinderen institute news:

VSI PhD Ceremonies: Yongliang Hao, Florent Scarpa and Maarten van Veghel07 July 2020
Anastasia Borschevsky appointed Associate Professor of Computational Atomic and Molecular Physics19 June 2020
Dr. ir. Gerco Onderwater appointed to Director of the Undergraduate School of Science and Engineering (USSE)16 January 2020
Prof. Rob Timmermans appointed to Member of the Faculty Board and Vice Dean07 November 2019
Prof. Daniël Boer elected Fellow of American Physical Society26 September 2019
Anastasia Borschevsky awarded with VIDI grant29 May 2019
Anastasia Borschevsky - Publication in Physical Review Letters: Multiple Press Coverage28 May 2019
Femke Oosterhof and Rob Timmermans - Publication in Physical Review Letters09 May 2019
Daan Meerburg - Publication in NATURE International Journal of Science16 April 2019
Physical Review Letter publication by Anastasia Borschevsky: Probing Sizes and Shapes of Nobelium Isotopes by Laser Spectroscopy14 June 2018
Interview in "Dagblad van het Noorden" with Prof. Eric Bergshoeff14 June 2018
Prof. Eric Bergshoeff Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion01 June 2018
Interview with A. Mazumdar - The Fuzzy World Of The Quantum Black Hole31 May 2018
Interview with E. Bergshoeff - Riding The Waves Of Science24 April 2018
NWO’s Domain Science Grant for Prof. Dr. A. Mazumdar06 April 2018
Major Vici grant for Chris van den Broeck23 February 2018
VSI student Hidde Hendriksen wins national Lorenz Award for best master research project19 December 2017
Physical Review Letter publication by Anupam Mazumdar13 December 2017
Chris van den Broeck appointed Professor by special appointment in gravitational waves at the Van Swinderen Institute17 October 2017
New director for the Van Swinderen Institute for Particle Physics and Gravity07 September 2017
Van Swinderen Institute12 March 2017
Summerschool 'Search for New Physics with Low-Energy Precision Tests'26 February 2017
4 PhD and 1 postdoc position in low-energy precision measurements22 December 2016
Gluons as a source of left-right asymmetries24 March 2016
4th Quantum Universe Symposium [16/4/2014]18 March 2015
4th Symposium 'Broken Mirrors and Drifting Constants' [16/5/2014]18 March 2015
Fiberlink Groningen-Amsterdam in the news!27 February 2015
Fiberlink Groningen-Amsterdam in the news!26 February 2015
4th Quantum Universe Symposium [16/4/2014]02 April 2014
4th Symposium 'Broken Mirrors and Drifting Constants' [16/5/2014]01 April 2014