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Outreach and Media

The Van Swinderen Insitute on the web:


Article: Interview in "Dagblad van het Noorden" with Prof. Eric Bergshoeff

Prof. Eric Bergshoeff
Prof. Eric Bergshoeff


Article: Riding the waves of science - Eric Bergshoeff

Eric Bergshoeff
Eric Bergshoeff


Article on our electron-EDM project in Dutch Newspaper 'De Volkskrant'

Volkskrant article
Volkskrant article


RTV Noord interview with Eric Bergshoeff (in Dutch) about the discovery of gravitational waves from a merger of two Black Holes:

Groningse wetenschappers sidderen na aantonen zwaartekrachtgolven


The fiber link between the VSI experimental group and the Free university of Amsterdam is in the news.

Here you can read more.

Logo of the VSI

If you need them, here is a zip-file with the logo of the Van Swinderen Institute, in various formats.

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