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Any research project is bound to involve various legal and administrative procedures. These could include drawing up third-party contracts, but also matters relating to privacy laws, academic integrity, protecting intellectual property, and tying up the financial and administrative loose ends of your research. Ask for legal help in plenty of time, is the motto. Find out when this is advisable, and where you can find the right support.


Finishing your research

Finishing your research

The Project Control department in your faculty is responsible for tying up the financial and administrative loose ends of your research project. This could include compiling substantive and financial reports, including final settlements, and opening and closing projects. If you have any questions about the administrative completion of your research, please contact your faculty’s Project Control department.

More information per faculty

Legal support

Legal support

The UG works with companies, institutions, public bodies, the European Union, and many other national and international organizations. If a researcher decides to work alongside one of these parties, contracts need to be drawn up. In this case, you should always ask for help from the General Administrative and Legal Affairs Office (ABJZ) via your faculty contact person. This may be the project controller, for example, or the funding officer, project manager, or business coordinator (FSE). As well as drawing up and agreeing contracts, this department can provide support with countless other legal matters.

Drawing up and agreeing contracts

When a researcher works with external parties, mutual agreements must be laid down in a contract. It is important to involve the General Administrative and Legal Affairs Office via the faculty at an early stage, leaving enough time to prepare and provide legal advice before any agreements are reached with third parties. Government bodies usually work with standard contracts, but you will often need a customized contract if you want to collaborate with commercial parties.

General Administrative and Legal Affairs Office (ABJZ)

The General Administrative and Legal Affairs Office (ABJZ) is responsible for drawing up and agreeing contracts. You should contact the faculty contact person: see faculty links.

Model agreements with third parties

Click here for examples of model contracts with third parties.

Support with other administrative and legal affairs

If you come up against any legal problems during your research, the General Administrative and Legal Affairs Office can help you. They can offer support with the following legal and administrative matters.

Patents and intellectual property

More information about applying for patents and transferring intellectual property.

Privacy & Security Portal

The Privacy & Security Portal provides information about processing personal data in line with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Or you can contact one of the Privacy & Security coordinators of your faculty.

Data processor agreement

If a third party is processing personal data, a data processor agreement will need to be signed. Please note: a GDPR staff member must always approve the content of any such agreement.    

Double and joint doctorate agreements

See the templates and procedures for drawing up a double or joint doctorate agreement here.    

Additional activities

Do you perform additional activities, other than your work for the UG? This page provides more information about reporting additional activities. You will also find information about regulations that may be useful to you.    

Protecting intellectual property

Protecting intellectual property

In order to avoid awkward legal situations, you must lay down agreements about intellectual property rights in a contract. It is particularly important to make clear agreements if you intend to work with third parties. 

Further information

IP & Business Development team

TheIP & Business Development team can provide help and support for matters regarding intellectual property and knowledge transfer. This includes submitting and managing applications for patents, transferring intellectual property, and setting up public-private partnerships.


ORCID iD is a personal identification code for researchers who want to publish their work. An ORCID iD links your unique identity to your publications and research activities, preventing name confusions. If you do not yet have an ORCID iD, you can apply for one free of charge. 

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