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Additional activities

Additional activities are any activities performed outside a person’s position or assigned duties at the UG. The UG greatly encourages its staff to develop activities outside their position, such as to disseminate knowledge, provide services to society, or help others in the private or professional domain.

In the context of the VSNU, the Dutch universities have signed a sector regulation on additional activities . Additional activities include financial interests or shares in a spin-off affiliated with the University of Groningen. In principle, all additional activities must be reported. Before you start an activity, think carefully about whether this activity could interfere or conflict with your work for the UG.

You must explicitly request permission for any additional activities that overlap with your position at the UG. Staff members are responsible for reporting their additional activities to their direct manager. The topic of additional activities is in any case addressed in the annual R&O interview . To request permission, please use the digital form on MyUniversity/Shared Services/My details.


Additional interests

Additional interests relate to a financial interest (equity interest) in a company which has a relationship with the RUG or the UMCG. Having such an equity interest is subject to conditions and must be submitted in advance to the Executive Board for approval.

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