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Research Centre for Landscape Studies Education


The Centre for Landscape Studies yearly offers a large variety of scientific courses for various target groups, such as bachelor students, master students, professionals, as well as volunteers who want to enrich their knowledge on the past, present and future of cultural landscapes. We welcome students and course members of various backgrounds and a large variety of earlier educations.

The core of our scientific education programme is a strongly interdisciplinary as well as transdisciplinary landscape approach. Theories, methods and data from various disciplines are integrated into coherent narratives on landscape patterns and landscape processes at different scales: regional, national as well as international. Moreover, many of our courses are strongly practice-oriented. Modern day topical issues in the field of landscape policy, landscape planning and landscape management are analyzed and debated by students and lecturers.  

The Centre for Landscape Studies offers the following six types of courses, aimed at various target groups:

  • Landscape History bachelor courses (in English): the lecturers of the centre offer eight different courses in the English spoken bachelor programme History of Art & Architecture . These courses can also be followed by students from other bachelor programmes in The Netherlands or abroad. Read more.
  • Landscape History master programme (in Dutch): the most important pillar of our scientific education programme is the one-year master programme of Landscape History that educates students for a career as landscape specialist in the fields of scientific research, landscape and nature management, heritage management, spatial planning etc. This programme in Dutch is open for students with various backgrounds, such as physical and human geography, earth sciences, history, archaeology, art history, history of architecture and urbanism, ecology, spatial planning. Read more (in Dutch).
  • Course on Historical Country Houses and Landed Estates (Dutch and English): the Centre for Landscape Studies hosts a special Chair of Historical Country Houses and Landed estates that yearly offers lectures, tutorials and field excursions on the subject. From February to May we yearly offer a 10 ECTS bachelor course as well as a 10 ECTS master course (in Dutch). These courses can not only be taken by bachelor and master studetns, but also by external participants. In February 2018 we will start with a 5 ECTS bachelor course on Country House Landscapes in English. Read more.
  • Open bachelor and master courses (Dutch and English): part of our bachelor and master courses can be attended by practioners from outside the university, such as professionals and volunteers who are active in the fields of landscape and nature management, heritage management, spatial planning, water management. The larger part of these courses are in Dutch. In the near future more English courses will be available. Read more (in Dutch).
  • External landscape courses (Dutch): almost every year the Centre for Landscape Studies organises a three-months landscape course for practioners, volunteers and other people interested in landscape studies. These external courses consist of a series of lectures and excursions organised on Fridays between March and May. Sometimes there are courses on three consecutive days. Participants have to pay an entrance fee which is used to cover costs of lecture rooms, bus excursions, readers, meals, tea and coffee. Read more (in Dutch).
  • Scientific field trips and excursions:the Centre for Landscape Studies organises with some regularity international field trips and national or regional excursions. These trips are open for our own university students as well as practioners (at a charge). Guided by one or two university lecturers they study the historical geography and topical issues of local and regional cultural landscapes, country houses and estates, as well as parks and gardens. Travel destinations for the coming years will be Southern England (June 2017) as well as Northern Italy (April 2018). Read more (in Dutch).
Field excursion to the Wadden Sea area
Field excursion to the Wadden Sea area
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