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PhD theses by MD/PhD students
PhD theses by MD/PhD students

Before the defence, the Junior Scientific Masterclass would like to receive a copy of the PhD thesis of each MD/PhD student who completes the MD/PhD programme successfully.

A full 4-year MD/PhD programme consists of 2 years from the regular Master’s programme combined with 2 years of research. MD/PhD students who manage to complete this tough programme within the allocated time (48 months) receive a performance-related bonus in addition to their salary. The bonus is paid in the form of a gross bonus of EUR 6000,-. When the programme is not completed within the allocated time the bonus will be reduced with 10% for each month of delay, which means 90% for completion within the allocated time + 1 month, 80% within the allocated time + 2 months, etc. etc.. When the programme is delayed with more than 6 months the MD/PhD student will not receive a performance-related bonus. As is stated in the appointment decision, the end date of the appointment is the benchmark.

For MD/PhD candidates who have less than 2 years of their medical training to complete when they begin the MD/PhD programme, the following provision applies: the period within which the PhD thesis must be finished if the student is to be eligible for the bonus depends on the remaining training time plus the two funded research years. The work plan (distribution of clerkships and research), included in the application for the MD/PhD programme, and the appointment end date are the benchmarks.

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