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University Medical Center Groningen

MD/PhD Assessment Committee

PhD theses by MD/PhD students
PhD theses by MD/PhD students

The MD/PhD Assessment Committee assesses the written applications for MD/PhD programmes and conducts selection interviews with the candidates. On the basis of the written applications and the interviews, the Committee makes recommendations to the Dean of Science, the director of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences, the five Research Directors (of the institutes BCN, SHARE, GUIDE, CRCG and KOLFF) and the Chair of the JSM. They make the final decision about approving the applications.

Committee members:
prof. dr. F.J. van Spronsen, voorzitter
prof. dr. G.H. de Bock
prof. dr. J. Gietema
prof. dr. E. Heineman
prof. dr. S.C. Scherjon
prof. dr. C.A. Stegeman
prof. dr. J.L. Hillege
prof. dr. M.A.J. de Koning-Tijssen
prof. dr. A.M.G.A. de Smet
prof. dr. C. Calkhoven
prof. dr. A. Voors
prof. dr. M. Hagedoorn
prof. dr. J. Pruim
prof. dr. R.K. Weersma
prof. dr. J.L.N. Roodenburg
prof. dr. P.M.N. Werker
prof. dr. F. Kuipers
prof. dr. U. Bultmann
prof. dr. F.M. Reggiori
prof. dr. I.M. van Langen

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