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University Medical Center Groningen

Participation in Work of Dyslexic Employees

Researcher: J.P.M. de Beer
Project leaders:
Research period: 2008-2015
Financier: HAN University of Applied Sciences


Research objectives: By developing a Protocol Dyslexia for the Business Community, to improve the understanding and possibilities of dyslexia in dyslexic employees themselves, their colleagues, personnel officers, management and health professionals in order to improve the participation in work of the dyslexic employee.

Research questions:

  1. Which personal factors, including mental functions, and/ or work-related external factors in adults with dyslexia influence the work-related activities and/or participation in work?
    Research methods: systematic review, supplementary qualitative research and a retrospective case control study.
  2. What is the perception of dyslexia by colleagues, personnel officers, the management and health-professionals?
    Research method: qualitative research (open interviews).
  3. The development of a screening instrument with which dyslexic features in employees can be detected and positive and negative personal and environmental factors can be surveyed.
    Research method: clinimetrical research.
  4. Which measures within the company are possible to find a suitable function and employment for the employee with dyslexia in order to maximize his/her participation in work and what are the costs of these measures?
    Research method: cost-effectiveness-study and supplementary qualitative research (open interviews).
  5. The determination of the content of the Protocol Dyslexia for the Business Community.
    Research method: Delphi-method.
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