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About us Medical Sciences Research Department of Genetics Research Lines Phelan-McDermid syndroom
University Medical Center Groningen

Project team members

Project leaders

Prof. C.M.A. van Ravenswaaij-Arts
Professor of clinical genetics, UMC Groningen, own webpage, email

Prof. E.R. van den Heuvel
Professor of medical statistics, UMC Groningen

Dr. S.A.J. Ruiter
Senior researcher, Special education, University of Groningen

Project advisors

Dr. G. Bocca
Pediatric endocrinologist, UMC Groningen

Dr. B.T.C. Flapper
Pediatrician in social pediatrics, UMC Groningen

Dr. D.P. Allersma
Hospital pharmacist, UMC Groningen

Project implementation

J. Dillingh MSc
Hospital pharmacist, UMC Groningen

D.Y. de Vries
Psychologist, Researcher in Special education, University of Groningen

Contact: 22q13 

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