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Research Department of Genetics Research Lines Chromosome 6 research
University Medical Center Groningen

Thank you!

A big thank you to all the people who have raised funds or who have made a donation towards our research into C6


In early January, we received a legacy of 7500 from the grandmother of a child with a C6 anomaly. We are delighted to receive such a sum towards our research. It reminds us all of how grandparents are often very involved with their grandchild with C6. We would like to warmly thank all grandparents for their concern.
Conny van Ravenswaaij


We want to thank all of our sponsors in 2014 for their time and effort!

Summer Update from a US fundraiser "I will be sending about $600 from my summer fundraising … Now have the necklace thing that should generate a little bit and this fall a protein shake place [a sort of smoothie bar] I go to is going to open on a Saturday for me and the proceeds from that day will go to research and we will do a silent auction as well. It is amazing how much support you can generate by getting the word out."

Alexia Booth

Anjo Nieuwenhuis

Annemieke de Boer

Annemieke Koezema

Annet Nicholls

Bart Bijlsma

Betty Munnik

Birgit and Jan Solheim


Carla/Jos Poel/Kolk

Carol Finelli

Conny Privee

Cor en Gerry Koenen

CW Horsman

Danielle en Michiel Jansen-Sluiter

Diny van Oostveen

Donals Kelley

Ellen Tempels

Elsa van Impelen

Evelien, Arjan, Madeleine, Gwenne B

Familie van Boxtel en Gerry van den Berge

Gaby De Vreede

Gert van Gorcom

Gerthilde ter Haar

GHA Dodemont

Hanneke Sevink

Hans en Golein

Henriette, Alfred, Abel & Mano

IAFM Heijnen

Jacolien van der Veer

Jacq en Alex de Keijzer

Jacqueline en Alex de Keijzer/Harsveld

Jacqueline en Cor Koedam

Jamila Markai

Janelle Griggs

Janneke Poort

Janneke Van Erp

Jeanette Tempels

Jenny & Wim Bouwmeester

Johan Ribbens

Johan Van der Meersch

Joke Abbasian Amin

Jolanda Buikema

Jos Van Boxtel

Katherine Schmid

Keri Farren

Laura Cassenti

Laurence Bouwmeester

Leo en Nicole

Lillian van Aartsen

Linda baars

Linde ter Haar

Lisa Wall

Lúthien Anten

M de Bruin

Marian van Zandbrink

Marianne Rakke

Mariël en Eric

Marijke Warmerdam

Mariska Van der Straeten

Mariska van zanten

Mariska Vergeer

Marjon Van Montfor

Marleen Steeneken

Mikkie Schmitz

Nanda van Kooten

Nanda X

Nel Bouwmeester

Nolly Jansen-Tempels

Noor, Bloem, Babette & Martijn Nykerk

Paul Bouwmeester

Paul Tempels

Paul van Reek

Pauline Bouman

Peter Paul en Ali

Petra en Hessel Tot

Pieter & Sanne Jansen

Priscilla van Woudenberg

R.A.B. Bloemen

Reina en Theo

Remmelt en José Loof

Renée & Menno Nijkerk

Run Jaarclub ‘BU 86’

Sandra Elias

Sarah Deneire

Silvia Leopoldina da Silva

Steven, Carry, Maurits en Christiaan Koenen

The 'Blue watch crew' at Stourbridge fire station, West Midlands in the U.K

Tineke Chraibi

Vader en moeder Van der Meersch

Vivian Ilahibaks

Wilfred Rietveld

Wim en Jenny Bouwmeester

Yolanda Valdemar


We would like to thank everyone who has sponsored or donated to our research in 2013!

Friends of Kaat, C6qter (at the time of this fundraising effort 2.5 years old) organised a cheese and wine evening to raise money for research. Many friends and family made this evening possible and raised the enormous amount of €3500. A wonderful result!

Alexcia Booth

CJ Kramer

E.P. Visser


Janelle Griggs

Kredbebb reinquin

P.C. Bouwmeester

P.J.F.M. Tempels

P.M. Bouman


v Zanten


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