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Research Department of Genetics Research Lines Chromosome 6 research
University Medical Center Groningen

Chromosome 6 study news

Study information

August 2015: video of Conny van Ravenswaaij discussing her C6 research, recorded after attending the 12th International CHARGE Syndrome Conference in Chicago

Contrary, tenacity and breakthroughs Interview with Conny van Ravenswaaij
"It’s becoming more difficult to publish research on rare disorders.”
Building bridges in genetics: from patient to genome and back again was the title of the inaugural speech given by clinical geneticist CONNY VAN RAVENSWAAIJ-ARTS. It’s a pragmatic title, because while it may be all well and good to gather data about genetics and do research, in the end, such research needs to benefit patients. In the case of Van Ravenswaaij, that means patients and their parents: she specializes in children who have rare chromosomal abnormalities. ...more
Text: Translated from a book published by ZonMw, written by Frans Meulenberg, October 2015

Newsletters (pdf files, in English)

2015-03 Letter to parents, with information about chromosome analysis and why a chromosome 6 aberration found in your child may not be the cause of your child’s problems

2015 02 Letter to parents, June 2015, introducing new team member Aafke Engwerda, a medical student who will start analysing the proximal 6q deletion data

2015_01 Letter to parents, March 2015, with news on the development of the interactive, multilingual web portal, the current status of the research project, and announcement of Prof. Conny Ravenswaaij's visit to Chicago

2014_06 Letter to parents, 14 Oct 2014, reporting a rising number of participants, funding, research articles being written and interactive webpage

2014_05 Letter to parents from Prof van Ravenswaaij, 4 July 2014, reporting unsuccessful grant application result and research progress

2014_04 with update on research progress and explanation of an array result




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