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Prof Cisca Wijmenga to become rector magnificus of the University of Groningen

04 June 2019
Prof Cisca Wijmenga

Prof Cisca Wijmenga will take over from Prof Elmer Sterken as the new rector magnificus of the University of Groningen. Cisca is a Spinoza prize recipient for her research into the genetics of complex diseases, particularly celiac disease, and is the Lodewijk Sandkuil Professor of Human Genetics in the Department of Genetics. She was the head of the department from 2007-2016.

The rector magnificus is appointed for a four-year term. She serves on the university’s executive board and is the highest academic member of the university, guiding the scientific vision and quality of the university and presiding over formal ceremonies ranging from the opening of the academic year to the inaugural lectures given by newly appointed full professors. All PhD degrees are ceremonially conferred on behalf of the rector magnificus.

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