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Research Department of Genetics Staff
University Medical Center Groningen

Senior Clinical and Research Staff

All staff can be reached at the following address and telephone number:
Dept. of Genetics CB50, University Medical Center Groningen
P.O. Box 30.001, 9700 RB  GRONINGEN, the Netherlands

Telephone +31 50 3617100, Fax + 31 50 3617231, Email


Principal investigators

Head of Department
Lodewijk Sandkuil Professor of Human Genetics, Rector Magificus of the University of Groningen
Professor of Functional Genomics
Professor of Clinical Dysmorphology

Professor of Medical Translational Genetics, clinical geneticist

Head of Genomics Coordination Center and MOLGENIS team, Professor of BioInformatics - ‘Biomedical BiG Data Science’

Associate professor, Rosalind Franklin Fellow, neurogenetics

Professor of Systems Medicine

Professor of Human Genome and Exposome

Adjunct professor of Immunogenetics, Rosalind Franklin Fellow
Associate professor, complex diseases
Assistant professor, functional genomics in infectious diseases
Clinical molecular geneticist
Clinical molecular geneticist, Genome Diagnostics
Clinical geneticist
Mieke Kerstjens, MD, PhD
Clinical geneticist
Clinical geneticist and research fellow, genetic skin disorders, Head of DEB database
Clinical geneticist, Researcher in cardiogenetics group
Coordinator of Next-Generation Sequencing, Genome Analysis Facility, Development and Innovation section
Head of Genome Diagnostics
Genome diagnostics
Teaching coordinator, Development and Innovation section
Klaas Kok, PhD
Senior researcher
Tom de Koning, MD, PhD
Senior researcher, Inborn errors of metabolism
Associate professor, clinical cytogenetics

Assistant Professor in Functional Genomics


Postdoc Microbiome group
Joeri van der Velde, PhD
Postdoc Swertz group  (Genomics Coordination Center)
Postdoc Franke group and Swertz group (Genomics Coordination Center)
Postdoc and project manager Swertz group (Genomics Coordination Center)
Postdoc and project manager Swertz group (Genomics Coordination Center)
Mirjam Plantinga, PhD
ELSI, ethicist

Emeritus faculty

Prof. Irene van Langen, MD, PhD

Emeritus Professor of Clinical Genetics

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