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About us Medical Sciences Research Department of Genetics Staff
University Medical Center Groningen

All research staff

The research section comprises PhD students, postdocs and senior staff with backgrounds in genetics, molecular biology, statistical genetics, epidemiology and bioinformatics. We are a lively, international group with researchers and staff from all over the world (see where we come from map).



Principal investigators

Prof. Nine Knoers, MD, PhD Head of Department

Prof. Richard Sinke, PhD

Head of Genome Diagnostics

Prof. Cisca Wijmenga, PhD

Lodewijk Sandkuil Professor of Human Genetics, Rector Magificus of the University of Groningen

Prof. Irene van Langen, MD, PhD

Head of Clinical Genetics section, Professor of Clinical Genetics

Prof. Rolf Sijmons, MD, PhD

Head of Development and Innovation section, Professor of Medical Translational Genetics

Prof. Conny van Ravenswaaij, MD, PhD Professor of Clinical Dysmorphology

Prof. Morris Swertz, PhD

Head of the Genomics Coordination Center and MOLGENIS team, Professor of BioInformatics - ‘Biomedical BiG Data Science’

Prof. Lude Franke, PhD Professor of Functional Genomics
Prof. Jingyuan Fu, PhD Professor of Systems Medicine, VICI and ERC consolidator grant holder
Prof. Alexandra (Sasha) Zhernakova, MD, PhD Professor of the Human Genome and Exposome, VIDI and ERC starting grant holder, Rosalind Franklin Fellow

Eva van der Berg, PhD

Associate professor, Cytogenetics

Vinod Kumar Magadi Gopalaiah, PhD Assistant professor, Complex diseases

Gerard te Meerman, PhD

Emeritus Associate professor, Mathematical genetics

Iris Jonkers, PhD Adjunct professor of Immunogenetics, Rosalind Franklin Fellow, VIDI grant holder

Prof. Dineke Verbeek, PhD

Rosalind Franklin Fellow, Associate professor, neurogenetics/SCA

Yvonne Vos, PhD

Clinical molecular geneticist

Jan Jongbloed, PhD

Clinical molecular geneticist

Mieke Kerstjens, MD, PhD

Clinical geneticist

Jan C. Oosterwijk, MD, PhD Clinical geneticist
Peter van den Akker, MD, PhD Clinical geneticist and research fellow, genetic skin disorders, head of DEB database

Birgit Sikkema-Raddatz, PhD

Researcher, Genome diagnostics, Development and Innovation section

Kristin Abbott, PhD

Researcher, Genome diagnostics,

Klaas Kok, PhD

Senior researcher

Hermien de Walle, PhD

Epidemiologist, Head of EUROCAT

Prof. Sebo Withoff, PhD Associate professor, Complex diseases
Serena Sanna, PhD Senior researcher in Wijmenga group, complex diseases
Cleo van Diemen, PhD Coordinator of Next-Generation Sequencing

Helga Westers, PhD

Teaching coordinator, Development and Innovation section

Tom de Koning, MD, PhD

Senior researcher, inborn errors of metabolism

Monique van der Wijst, PhD

Assistant Professor in Functional Genomics research group


Joeri van der Velde, PhD Postdoc Swertz group  (Genomics Coordination Center)
Patrick Deelen, PhD Postdoc Franke group and Swertz group (Genomics Coordination Center)
Lennart Johansson, PhD Postdoc and project manager Swertz group (Genomics Coordination Center)
Pieter Neerincx, PhD Postdoc and project manager Swertz group (Genomics Coordination Center)
Rudolf Fehrmann, PhD Bioinformatician/researcher in Franke group

Alex Kurilshikov, PhD

Researcher in Zhernakova group
Eleanora (Noortje) Festen, MD, PhD Researcher in Wijmenga/Weersma group
Peter van den Akker, MD, PhD Clinical geneticist, researcher, head of DEB database
Paul van der Zwaag, MD, PhD Clinical geneticist, researcher

Research Technicians

Mathieu Platteel Manager of lab data production unit

Ludolf Boven

Technician and webmaster

Michiel Fokkens

Research technician

Astrid Maatman Research technician

Bianca van Rijkom

Research technician

Rutger Modderman Research technician

Genome Analysis Facility

Prof. R.H. Sijmons, Head of Development and Innovation section

Facility manager, Email

Cleo van Diemen Coordinator of Next-Generation Sequencing service

Jelkje Bergsma


Scientific editors

Kate Mc Intyre, PhD Editor and webmaster

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