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Publications and Dissertations

Overview of publications of Analytical Biochemistry


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Abello, N., Chemical labeling for the analysis of proteins, peptides and metabolites by mass spectrometry (2009)

Bronsema, K., Enhancing the possibilities of LC-MS/MS for the absolute quantification of proteins in biological samples (2015)

Didraga, M.A., Analytical approaches towards structural characterization of human lung decorin. A comparative study of decorin from control and emphysematous lungs (2008)

Franciosi, L., Development and application of proteomics as aid for unraveling smoke-induced COPD (2015)

Freije, J.R., Development of an integrated system for activity-based profiling of matrix metallo-proteases (2006)

Gil Quintero, J.A., The relevance of preanalytical factors in metabolomics and lipidomics research (2018)

Govorukhina, N.I., Biomarker discovery for cervical cancer (2007)

Gul, T., Electrochemical and enzymatic synthesis of oxidative drug metabolites for metabolism studies. Exploring selectivity and yield (2017)

Han, J., Bioconjugation of metal-based compounds for targeted biomedical applications. From drug delivery to mass spectrometry imaging (2020)

Jong, L.A.A., de, Development and application of receptor assays for bioanalysis and toxicology : the dopamine D2S receptor, the mu-opioid receptor, and the benzodiazepine receptor (2006)

Kemperman, R.F.J., Nutrition and biomarkers in psychiatry. Research on micronutrient deficiencies in schizophrenia, the role of the intestine in the hyperserotonemia of autism, and a method for non-hypothesis driven discovery of biomarkers in urine (2007)

Klein, T., Profiling of soluble and membrane-bound metalloproteinases. A targetted proteomic approach (2008)

Klont, F., Mass spectrometry-based methods for protein biomarker quantification. On the road to clinical implementation (2019)

Koster, R., Changing the balance in apoptosis: key to enhance cisplatin sensitivity of testicular cancer (2010)

Mitra, V., Mastering data pre-processing for accurate quantitative molecular profiling with liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (2017)

Nouri-Nigjeh, E., Electrochemistry in the mimicry of oxidative drug metabolism (2011)

Prely, L.M., Activity-based and targeted analyses of matrix metalloproteases (2013)

Rieux, L., A NanoLC-MS-based platform for peptide analysis (2006)

Roeser, J., Electrochemical oxidation and cleavage of peptides in bioanalysis. Mechanistic aspects & method development (2013)

Rosenling, A.T.I., Proteomic screening of cerebrospinal fluid: Candidate proteomic biomarkers for sample stability and experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (2010)

Wilffert, D., Antibody-free LC-MS/MS protein analysis of TRAIL (2016)

Yuan, T., Nanostructured gold: applications int he study of drug metabolism (2017)

Zhang, T., Electrochemical cleavage of peptide bonds for mass spectrometry-based proteomics (2017)

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