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  • New paper demonstrates Affimer® based assay for the quantification of sRAGE in COPD

A new paper from the University of Groningen, Netherlands, demonstrating a validated Affimer-based assay for the quantification of sRAGE in COPD, has been published in the Journal of Proteome Research.

Issues of accuracy and antibody variability were raised over the validated antibody-based immunoassay for sRAGE, leading the researchers to investigate Affimer reagents to develop an alternative assay for this biomarker. Within this study they show:

  • Affimer binders are robust reagents ideal for the development of bio-analytical assays meeting the EMA and FDA regulatory guidelines.
  • Excellent target specificity and sensitivity with no matrix effects observed across a variety of disease and normal patient serum.
  • Highly consistent batch-to-batch performance of the tested Affimer reagents.

Further development of this assay could offer a potential new resource for both COPD research and clinical practice.

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