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Support for PhD student applying for own governmental funding

We are supporting students willing to apply for their own governmental or other scholarship funding such as CSC, Capes, FAPESP, Colombia Government Scholarship etc for full PhD or joint PhD with a partner University. We are proposing project for such type of application in the following areas:

• Developing new glycoproteomics single cell sample preparation and CE/LC-MS/MS analysis workflows.

• Assessment of tumor heterogeneity in head and neck cancer using multi-omics and proteogenomics approaches.

• Proteogenomics data integration aiming to develop bioinformatics solution to identify protein variants by predicting protein sequence from genomics and transcriptomics data and identify these variants in bottom-up DDA/DIA LC-MS/MS proteomics datasets

• Developing further PASTAQ workflow with ion mobility, DIA pseudo spectra extraction workflows and GPU processing and visualisation using OpenGL/Vulcan.

• Developing integrated digital pathology and mass spectrometry imaging platform integrating using own algorithms such as MALDI Explorer and MSIWarp.

• Developing electrochemistry approaches to study drug metabolism and meta-metabolomics.

For further information interested students can contact Peter Horvatovich, Hjalmar Permentier or Guinevere Lageveen-Kammeijer.

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