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Job openings

·         Tenure track/Associate professor position in Mass Spectrometry for Analytical Biochemistry with focus on spatial flu omics or other relevant field of mass spectrometry. The profile report of the position providing more details on area of teaching and position embedding is available online . Application should be submitted online via the University job webpage by clicking on the “Apply” button. Contact person: Prof. Dr. Peter Horvatovich (+31 (0)6 2459 7203).

·         We are permanently looking for talented PhD students and postdoctoral researchers who are willing to apply for their own funding such as Governmental Scholarship, Chinese Scholarship Council, CAPES, Marie Curie etc. Current research topics are the following:

o   Proteomics, metabolomics, metaproteomics, metametabolomics and multi-omics project related to head and neck and other cancers, COPD and fibrosis. Required skills: mass spectrometry, analytical chemistry.

o   Proteogenomics and multi-omics data integration. Required skills: bioinformatics, programming and advanced statistics.

o   Development of LC-MS/MS and mass spectrometry imaging pre-processing and data integration workflows. Required skills: programming (C++, R, Python), statistics, signal processing and/or image analysis (optional GPU programming).

o   Development of machine and deep learning algorithms for protein variant and post-translational modification identification in fragment spectra or predicting fragment spectra. Required skills: programming (C++, R, Python), statistics, machine and deep learning.

Contact persons: Dr. Hjalmar Permentier and Prof. Dr. Peter Horvatovich (+31 (0)6 2459 7203).

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