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About us Faculty of Law International programmes LLB programme 2024-2025 Practical information

Estimation of costs

(Image: Groningen is a bicycle friendly city, and almost every student travels around town via bicycle)

Living and Accommodation Expenses

About € 500 in cash should be enough to cover any regular expenses during the first few days. Students arriving in the Netherlands at Schiphol Airport can get a direct train from the airport to Groningen usually once every hour (or every half hour if having to change trains along the way). From the airport to Groningen takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes. You can find the cost of a train ticket from Schipol Airport to Groningen on the NS website.

Expenses incurred by the average student are estimated as follows:


Course costs

Textbooks and readers
Around € 600 per year
Rent (incl. water, electricity, internet, etc.)
€ 500 to € 1000per month*
Prepaid sim cards or a telephone plan
€ 26 per month on average
Food and drink

Meals, groceries, etc.

€ 150 to € 250 per month
Used bicycle
€ 70 to € 110
Travel expenses
For students who do not have a dutch OV-travelcard
€ 62 per month on average
Health care, third-party, fire and theft insurance
€ 100 to € 120 per month
Additional costs
Clothes, sports, etc.
€ 75 to € 200 per month

Please be aware of the fact that exchange rates can vary greatly from time to time. Always calculate the amount of money you need at the current exchange rate.

* The price of a room/studio depends on its location, size, and how many people the facilities (bathroom, kitchen) are shared with. Housing/rooms in the city centre will generally cost more than outside the city centre. Some rooms are furnished, some are not (will usually say in advert). More about accommodation can be found here .

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