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Shortened LLM (after master exchange)

The Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen provides its incoming exchange students at master level the opportunity to enrol in a shortened version of our LLM programmes. This particular group of students will be allowed to participate in the full first semester of one of the LLM programmes (seminars included) during their master exchange. They can return in the second semester of the next academic year as regular Master’s degree students in Groningen to participate in the full second semester of the LLM programme they have chosen. They will be awarded the LLM degree from the University of Groningen upon completion of that second semester.

Under this arrangement, the student who seeks to complete the LLM degree at the University of Groningen will have to comply with the following conditions:
1. Students should be at master level during their exchange semester in Groningen. Bachelor exchange students cannot participate in this option.
2. This shortened version of the LLM programmes is only available to students coming from partner universities, who have been selected by these partner universities to become an exchange student in Groningen at the Faculty of Law.
3. Students take compulsory courses from one of our LLM programmes in the semester that they are in Groningen as an exchange student and return to Groningen as a registered LLM student to complete the other courses of the LLM they aim to achieve.

Students are strongly advised to apply for admission to the LLM programme of their choice before their exchange semester in Groningen, as to make sure that they fulfil all admission requirements and can actually be admitted to the LLM programmes in Groningen. The application deadline is 1 June.  Regular admission requirements apply.

The shortened LLM programme option is available for all English-taught Master's degree programmes of the Faculty of Law. The set-up of each programme in this arrangement is available if you click the LLM programme of your choice below:

If you are interested in this shortened LLM programme, please make sure to tick the appropriate box on the application form for incoming exchange students. When applying for the LLM programme, please add your Groningen Transcript of Records or exchange acceptance letter to your application in the Online Application System (OAS).

For more information about the shortened LLM programme, please feel free to contact the International Office directly.

Last modified:01 May 2020 4.39 p.m.