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Cross-border Commercial Transactions (6 ECTS)

Lecturer(s):  mr. J.G. Knotprof. mr. dr. M.H. ten Wolde (coordinator)

When: Block 4

Brief course description: 
This course deals with the most important legal issues arising in cross-border commercial transactions, such as contracting and torts: applicable law, jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments thereof. Various types of contracts will be looked at, such as sale, consumer, insurance and employment contracts. Electronic-commerce contracts, in their various forms, will also be analysed. While the focus will be on the regulation of international contracts and torts within Europe, attention will also be paid to other legal systems, in particular the ones from the participants’ countries of origin.
Instrumental in this course will be several pan-European and international legal instruments, such as: the Rome I Regulation on the law applicable to contractual obligations, Rome II Regulation on the law applicable to non-contractual obligations, the Brussels (I bis) Regulation and Lugano Convention on jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters. During this class students will be required to actively participate, through weekly assignments, class presentations and legal discussions during class. By doing so the main objective of this course will be fulfilled, i.e. allowing students to practice and broaden their knowledge of private international law and to prepare them for legal practice in the international arena.

Teaching method: Lectures, in-class discussions, presentations, papers.

Assessment: Written exam (essay questions) (digital if possible), presentations, papers.

*Official course information and schedules during the academic year can be found in Ocasys.

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