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Theology for tenth time Top Rated Programme!

11 November 2021

With our Religious Studies and Theology programmes, we connect with current themes that play a role in society, such as sexuality, climate change, conflict situations and meaning. Our education is based on our research, which evolves constantly. Every year there is something new to learn, interpret or discuss. However, there has been something that has remained unchanged for ten years: our Bachelor's degree programme in Theology has been Top Rated Programme for ten years in a row, an anniversary! Our bachelor's degree in Religious Studies has been awarded this honor nine times in the past ten years. We like to keep these traditions alive.

10 out of 10

For ten years now, the Dutch Higher Education Guide for Universities (Keuzegids Universiteiten) has been awarding the Top Rated Programme designation to very high-quality study programmes. Our bachelor's degree in Theology has been designated as a top study programme every year. This year, with 89 points, the course was also considered the best Theological course in the Netherlands, together with the Theological University of Apeldoorn. In fact, Theology, together with the University of Groningen Archeology and English courses, is in the top five of the best Humanities courses in the Netherlands! The special thing is that these five programs have scored the same number: 89. So: studying Theology? Nothing tops Groningen!

Religious Studies Top Rated Programme

Religious Studies can also continue to call itself a Top Rated Programme with 80 points. Only once has the program failed to achieve this designation in the past ten years. This year, our programme is also the best general Religious Studies programme in the Netherlands. Although the University of Humanistics scores higher, it does not offer education about the various world religions.

Ten Top Rated Programmes at the UG

Theology and Religious Studies are among the ten best study programmes at the University of Groningen. Almost all top rated programmes at the University of Groningen fall under the humanities.

About the Dutch Higher Education Guide

The Dutch Higher Education Guide for Universities 2022 was published on Thursday 11 November. It lists the new study success numbers, new data on the job market and an overview of all university Bachelor’s degree programmes on offer in the academic year 2022/2023. The Dutch Higher Education Guide for Universities is published annually by the Centre for Higher Education Information (CHOI; Centrum Hoger Onderwijs Informatie) and is intended for school pupils and deans who want to inform themselves about university Bachelor’s degree programmes.

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