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Dutch Higher Education Guide for Universities: ten ‘Top Degree’ Bachelor's programmes at the UG

Campus Fryslân has the best Bachelor's programme according to the Higher Education Guide
11 November 2021
Campus Fryslân
Campus Fryslân

Ten University of Groningen (UG) Bachelor’s degree programmes have been awarded the ‘Top Degree Programme’ quality label by the Dutch Higher Education Guide for Universities (Keuzegids) 2022, placing them among the top in Dutch academic education. Last year seven programmes received the label. In the category ‘Broad-based General Universities 2022’, the UG is in a shared third place (of six) this year.

The Dutch Higher Education Guide for Universities 2022 has awarded the ‘Top Degree Programme’ label to Bachelor’s degree programmes that earned a total score of at least 75 points (out of 100). The best UG Bachelor’s programme is Global Responsibility and Leadership, taught at Campus Frysl»Én, with an impressive total score of 94 points. This also means it has been rated as the best bachelor’s programme in all of the Netherlands.

The nine other top UG Bachelor’s degree programmes according to this threshold are:

  • Archaeology (89 points)
  • Theology (89 points)
  • English Language and Culture (89 points)
  • Greek and Latin Language and Culture (83 points)
  • Philosophy (83 points)
  • Religious Studies (80 points)
  • American Studies (80 points)
  • Minorities & Multilingualism (80 points)
  • University College Groningen (80 points)

A degree programme can also be the best in its category without achieving the ‘Top Degree Programme’ label. Another four UG Bachelor’s degree programmes were recognized as the best in their category:

  • Media Studies (74 points)
  • Sociology (74 points)
  • Human Movement Sciences (66 points)
  • Pharmacy (60 points, shared with Utrecht University)

About the Dutch Higher Education Guide

The Dutch Higher Education Guide for Universities 2022 was published on Thursday 11 November. It lists the new study success numbers, new data on the job market and an overview of all university Bachelor’s degree programmes on offer in the academic year 2022/2023. The Dutch Higher Education Guide for Universities is published annually by the Centre for Higher Education Information (CHOI; Centrum Hoger Onderwijs Informatie) and is intended for school pupils and deans who want to inform themselves about university Bachelor’s degree programmes.

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