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Accountancy en Controlling

Linking education to research and career preparation

Our education is strongly rooted in business practice and society. Also right from the start of your degree programme attention is paid to academic research and pre-professional development. Since an analytical and critical mind and problem-solving capabilities are important qualities in any career our students aspire.

In collaboration with external partners we conduct research projects on e.g banking, local government, customer insights, leadership, energy, healthy ageing and lean operations.

Research institutes related to the MSc programme: Innovation and Organization

  • Testimonial van Marlies van Uhm

    Working at Ernst & Young

    Marlies van Uhm. Graduate in Accountancy, working at Ernst & Young

    I didn’t have to wait long to find a job after graduating. I’d already been working as an assistant accountant at Ernst & Young Groningen for two years. In May 2009, I was hired for the same position in Amsterdam. I’m currently combining that job with a training programme to become a registered accountant, for which I’m in Groningen one day a week. My job is very varied; I’m usually visiting clients in the region and so I’m rarely at the office. Instead, I find myself at banks, hospitals and IT companies, where I audit the annual accounts. It never gets boring, but I do find I have less time for the fun things I used to be able to fit in as a student. Sometimes you just have to put in as many hours as you can. An advantage is that my position closely ties in with the degree programme I studied, particularly the theoretical aspects, such as describing processes within organisations and the tools you need to audit annual accounts.

    – Marlies van Uhm
  • Testimonial van Klaas Sportel

    Student Accountancy & Controlling Klaas Sportel

    – Klaas Sportel
  • Testimonial van Toine Schouteten

    Wherever you are, there is always a need for people to check if things add up

    “In order to understand the significant added value that the MSc in A&C offers, I always rely on examples that don't appear at first to relate directly to my studies. I've undertaken a number of extra-curricular activities during my time in Groningen and it has proved very valuable for me to be educated at the academic intersection of finance, auditing and internal control. Whether it was in a political position, during my internship in Kenya or now that I am writing my thesis on the subject of governing the global diamond and diamond jewellery value chain, there is and always will be a demand for people who can understand financial and non-financial information and explain to others why something should or should not be done. In the words of a Dutch ambassador I once spoke to, 'Wherever you are, there is always a need for people to check if things add up'. If you are looking for a sound academic base for doing this, I would encourage you to apply for the MSc in Accountancy & Controlling.”

    – Toine Schouteten
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