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Groundbreaking Work Projects Linnaeusborg

Work in Linnaeusborg between 20-26 February

10 February 2021

In the Linnaeusborg we are still working hard to realize additional chemical lab facilities and to give the overall technical installations a substantial upgrade. The work on the eighth floor has now been completed and the final steps are in sight on the ninth floor. In this message, we outline the upcoming work, including a series of disconnections starting Saturday 20 February 2021.

Overview of work at Linnaeusborg
Overview of work at Linnaeusborg

Scheduled disconnections

Work on the building ventilation system will require some temporary closures. The work will primarily impact the spaces in the lab areas on the north side of the Bridge (5172) and the isotope lab. There will also be a brief shutdown of the labs in the 'Noordpoot' (5171) and the ninth floor of 5172.

The table below provides a complete listing of the ventilation maintenance:

> View large image
> View large image

The consequences and possible precautions for each day and situation are as follows:

A) Saturday 20 February 2021
  • Situation: Disconnection of main return air for 1 day for laboratories 5171: -1 through 4 and 5172: 506-545A, 609A-645, 708-747, 808-847
  • Consequence: Laboratories accessible only for maintenance live material
  • Temporary facilities:
    - Mobile fans to maintain return air 5172; -145A through -161A (including Nijssen cells).
    - Temperature monitoring of critical rooms similar to procedure during previous shutdowns.
    - Continuous temperature recording of selected rooms.
B) Saturday 20 February 2021
  • Situation: 5172; 945, 954 en 968
  • Consequence: Laboratories not to be used.
C) Saturday 20 February through Thursday 25 February, 6 p.m.
  • Situation: Full shutdown ventilation cluster isotope labs.
  • Consequence: Isotope lab not available at all
D) Monday 22 February through Friday 26 February, 6 p.m.
  • Situation: Shutdown return air indoor rooms laboratory area 5172 5th to 8th floor.
  • Consequence: During this shutdown no air extraction takes place. The air supply will remain.
    For work in these rooms a poor dissipation of heat, gases and vapors must be taken into account.

Related to this work, new work is scheduled for the first half of May. This is expected to be the last of the series of shutdowns. More information on this will follow shortly.

Other work with possible nuisance

  • During the week of 8 March 2021, a crane will be placed next to the building.
  • The scaffolding (ninth floor) will be dismantled and removed in the same week. We strive to minimize any noise nuisance during this process.
  • Some openings will also be maded in the roof. This may also cause limited noise nuisance.

Lab conversions on the eighth floor completed

Lab spaces 0849 and 0855 have now been completed and taken into use by ARC Chemical Building Blocks Consortium (ARC CBBC) and the Stratingh Institute of Chemistry. This marks the last of the lab conversions on the eighth floor. The closed construction area has now been released.

Sequence of work

  • Lab conversions ninth floor
    On the ninth floor, three more lab spaces (0932, 0938 and 0944) are currently being made suitable for chemical research. Soon the lab furniture can be moved in in phases. The labs are expected to be completed in April/May.
  • Upgrade technical room north
    The capacity of the air ducts will be further expanded and additional air handling units will be added in the engineering space on the north side. After completion (mid 2021) of these works, the total air renewal capacity for the Linnaeusborg will have increased by no less than 40% in the past year and will therefore be ready for the desired intensification of the lab research.


We realize that the work on the ventilation causes inconvenience. By scheduling most of the work to take place during the vacation periods, weekends and evening hours, we are doing our best to keep the inconvenience to you to a minimum. We ask for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact

An overview of the renovation on the 8th and 9th floor can be found at "Activities & planning".

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