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Linnaeusborg after 18.00 hours open again

20 August 2020

Operating situation Linnaeusborg back to normal

Work on the ventilation has been accelerated.
The evening closing of the Linnaeusborg after 18.00 hours is no longer necessary. The operating situation is back to normal*.

*However - as communicated with the armicos - the compressed air and nitrogen in building 5172, 5th-9th floor, will be closed for the next two nights between 18:00-07:00 hrs.

> The original message below

Part of the renovation work in August will be on the ventilation system on the 8th floor of building part 5172. Therefore, parts of main ventilation ducts on this floor need to be reconfigured. As a consequence the central air handling units shared by building parts 5171, 5172 and 5173 need to be shut down when this work is carried out.

The initial planning by the contractor revealed that this had to take place during five continuous days. Being committed to affect the research as less as possible, we were able to replan the work and transfer it into time slots scheduled during the evenings. Work on the ventilation system in building part 5171, 5172 and 5173 will therefore be carried out in parts, during 5 to 7 evenings (6 hours an evening).

What does this mean for you?

From August 17 through 25 at the latest, ventilation in building parts 5171, 5172 and 5173 will be interrupted for renovation work as of 18:00 p.m.. After each work session the ventilation for these building parts will be restored.

Staff is not allowed to be present in the building parts after 18:00 p.m., including the offices. (The greenhouse, the radiological labs in the basement of 5171 and building part 5174, will remain accessible for staff)

Interrupting ventilation for 6 hours will cause nuisance to a number of research projects at these building parts. We have therefore already contacted the management of the institutes on this. If you foresee insurmountable problems for your research project, please contact HousingFSE

We realize that the renovation work on the ventilation will affect your work. By rescheduling it to the evening hours, we did our best to minimize this. We ask for your understanding and cooperation. For an overview of the construction work to take place on the 8th and 9th floor, please visit “Sequence and schedule”.

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