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Groundbreaking Work
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Groundbreaking Work Projects Linnaeusborg

Last series of construction works at Linnaeusborg in May and June 2021

23 April 2021

As we emailed you on April 7, the last major step in the extension of the air treatment system in the Linnaeusborg will start from May 3. That's when the Technical Area North will be completely rearranged. To minimize the inconvenience to you, all kinds of temporary facilities have been put in place, but some disconnections remain. On Monday 3 May part of the building will not be accessible and in the evening of Friday 4 June the entire building will be closed. Also, for three weeks, more than half of the number of point extractors will not be able to be used. See the total schedule below.

Shutdowns in May 2021
Shutdowns in May 2021

A) On Monday 3 May 2021:
Shut down main air extraction for 1 day for laboratories 5171:-1 through 4, and 5172 rooms: 506-545A, 609A-645, 708-747, 808-847

  • Consequence: laboratories accessible only for maintenance live material
  • Temporary facility:
    • Mobile fans to maintain return air 5172; -145A through -161A (including Nijssen cells).
    • Temperature monitoring of critical rooms similar to procedure during previous shutdowns.
    • Continuous temperature recording of selected rooms.

B) From Monday 3 May through Monday 10 May 2021:
Complete shutdown of ventilation of the cluster isotope laboratories.

  • Consequence: isotope lab not available

C) From 28 April to Wednesday 26 May:
Reduced capacity extraction in 5173 and 5172

  • Consequence: fewer extraction points available
  • Temporary provision:
    • Inventory of crucial and non-crucial extractions points in coordination with the armicos and based on the list for the same operation in 2020.
    • Closure of non-crucial points from April 28, 29 and 30 by ENGIE technicians.

Evening closure Friday 4 June 2021

  • On Friday 4 June between 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. the entire Linnaeusborg will be temporarily closed (with the exception of the greenhouses, 5174 and the isotope cluster). At that time some connections will be made to the new ventilation system.
  • Also, during the day on Friday 4 June dust barriers will be placed in rooms 5172.0823 and 0825 so that installation work can be carried out in those rooms. The barriers will be removed again on Saturday 5 June.

Crane next to building
On Wednesday 28 April and on Thursday 6 May 2021 a crane will be positioned next to the building. Then among other things, the old central heating boiler will be removed from the building.

Lab conversion 0932, 0938 and 0944
The conversion of the last laboratories on the ninth floor is almost complete. All the lab furniture has now been installed. The next few weeks will be used for finishing touches, connections and the validations so that these new labs for the CBBC and the Stratingh Institute of Chemistry can be put into use in the first half of May.

Ninth floor construction area
The corridor area on the ninth floor has been largely cleared. The elevators and stairwell are accessible again as normal. However, the corridor area towards the Technical Area North is still cordoned off (> see map below).

Relocation of heating room
The new heating room will be built in room 5172.0923 until 21 May 2021. No inconvenience is expected.

Final goal almost achieved

We realize that all the work on the ventilation system in recent periods has caused inconvenience. The good news is that with the above actions, we are expected to have completed the last nuisance work. With no future disturbances to you, we will continue working to completely rearrange the air handling system. Upon completion of the project in mid-2021, the total air ventilation capacity will be increased by as much as 40% and the desired redundancy of the ventilation system will also have been achieved. This redundancy will mean that future work on the ventilation system will be less disruptive and the desired intensification of lab research will have been made possible.

If you have any questions, please contact
An overview of the renovation on the 8th and 9th floors can be found at "Sequence and Schedule".

Overview progress work Linnaeusborg
Overview progress work Linnaeusborg
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