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About us Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences Yess BSS

Call for new members

What does YESS BSS do?

YESS BSS is a network of enthusiastic, ambitious and talented early career academic staff within the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences (BSS). YESS BSS has made it its mission to:

  • Bring together early career academic staff to:
    - Encourage (interdisciplinary) cooperation
    - Exchange experiences and stimulate best practices
    - To help early career researchers advance within the faculty and in their career
  • Give early career academic staff a voice in faculty policy.

In order to achieve their goals, YESS BSS

  • Organizes employment- and network-related events, targeted at early career staff within BSS
  • Regularly meets with the board of the faculty to exchange views on policies and perspectives pertaining to early career staff, for example, discussions about the current/future tenure track and the strategic plan
  • Discusses science policy, for example open science practices
  • Creates opportunities for networking specifically for early career staff
  • Currently, YESS BSS is active in the following areas: Open Science, diversity, stress in academia, team research, career policies (for tenure track and non-tenure track careers), and valorization and visibility.

YESS BSS offers advantages for its members:

  • Meet other enthusiastic and engaged early career researchers to establish (interdisciplinary) partnerships
  • Participate in the annual skills week and get targeted advice on career-related questions and research activities
  • Access to the annual YESS BSS research grant which funds research projects with up to 5,000 Euros led by a YESS BSS member
  • Have a voice in faculty policy making.

Who can become a member of YESS BSS?

YESS BSS consists of a maximum of 12 members who choose their own board. This board currently consists of Miriam Lommen and Anita Keller. YESS BSS members are usually appointed for two years, however, given the current situation shorter appointments might be possible. YESS BSS organizes their own election protocol for its new members. The final selection of the new members has to be approved by the Faculty Board.

Diversity in terms of strengths (research, education, valorization, management) and faculty research institute will be taken into account when selecting new members.

Conditions of membership:

  • Member of the academic staff of the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences
  • Member has obtained the PhD degree a maximum of 10 years before the start of the YESS BSS appointment (starting date for the next cohort is September 1, 2021, so PhD should not have been obtained prior to August 31 2011). This period can be extended with a maximum of two years in case of pregnancy (12 months per child), illness, care or parental leave.
  • Enthusiasm for academia and the faculty

Application procedure:

Candidates can apply by sending in their CV and a Letter of Motivation of no more than 500 words including answers to the following questions:

  • What makes you an excellent candidate for membership to the YESS BSS?
  • What initiative would you like to launch as part of your membership? Initiatives can address an issue that are within one of the existing areas ( Open Science, diversity, stress in academia, team research, career policies, valorization and visibility ) or new areas of relevance. The goal of the initiative is to improve the academic lives of early career researchers.

Applications for the next cohort starting September 1, 2021 can be sent to yess-bss until Sunday July 4, 2021

Please include a statement on the feasibility of your contribution if your contract ends within the next 2 years.

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