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About us Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences Sociology Organisation Staff

Theoretical Sociology

Anthonio, prof. dr. G.G.Professor by Special Appointment Sociology of Leadership, Organisations and Sustainability.Onderzoeker, docent en begeleider van studenten. Ervaren bestuurder, crisis manager, toezichthouder en coach van topkader. Werkzaam als strategisch adviseur en trainer/begeleider van topkader van organisaties. Anthonio verzorgt tevens scholing en training van professionals bij publieke en private instellingen.Strategic Management
Organization Studies
Public Administration
Been, dr. W.M.Assistant professorLabour sociologySociology
Bilecen, dr. B.Associate Professor of Sociology and Rosalind Franklin Fellow - Sociology of migration and transnationalisation
- Sociology of social inequalities
- Sociology of higher education
- Sociology of health and well-being
- Personal network analysis
Firnenburg, L.A.PhD studentcollective living communities
Gerner-Haan, M. van, PhDAssistant ProfessorSurvey Methodology: mixed-mode and mixed-device surveys, targeting of hard-to-survey populations, interviewer-respondent interaction.

Qualitative Research methods: interviews, focus groups, thematic analysis

Member Educational Committee Sociology
Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
Communication Studies
Giardini, F., PhDAssociate professor Francesca uses theoretical analysis, agent-based modeling and lab experiments to investigate the mechanisms of social sustainability. She is interested in gossip and reputation based governance and she is also working on risk communication and disaster resilience.
She is the co-editor of the Oxford Handbook of Gossip and Reputation (2019), and she has published in different disciplinary and inter-disciplinary journals, including Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, JASSS, PLOS One, and Scientific Reports.
Heyse, dr. L.Associate Professor of Sociology I study nonprofit and public organizations that aim to improve the situation and position of disadvantaged groups in society. I focus on the relationship between these organizations' policies and interventions, their organizational features and the results of their operations. I study these issues in organizations such as humanitarian NGOs, and Dutch municipalities and NGOs working on the labor market integration of refugees, applying both qualitative and quantitative methods.Sociology
Huisman, dr. J.M.E.Assistant Professor Statistics, missing data, multiple imputation, social network analysis Social Sciences, Quantitative Methods
Statistics & Probability
Ignatieva, A., MScSociology
Jansen, dr. D.E.M.C.Associate professor Organisation of care for children and adolescents Comparison of European health systems, organisation of care (public health and primary care), evaluation of care, children and adolescents, vulnerable families, youth care, medical sociology  Sociology
Health Policy & Services
Medicine, General & Internal
Kuschel, A., MScPhD StudentPsychology, Social
Lippényi, Z., PhDAssistant ProfessorOrganizational Sociology
Sociology of Work
Social Inequality, Mobility, and Stratification
Liu, S., Ph.D.candidate Ph.D
Rengers, J.M.PhD studentWorkplace inclusion, disclosure, and identity management of employees with a concealable stigmatized minority identity, with a specific focus on lesbian, gay, and bisexual peopleSociology
Psychology, Social
Santara, S., MSc
Stadel, M., MScPhD studentPersonal network data collection and experience sampling methodology applied to personalised psychotherapy.

I also have a blog together with Nina Schwarzbach where we reflect on our PhD, clinical psychology and academia in general:
Psychology, Clinical
Steglich, dr. C.E.G.Associate Professor social networks, stochastic modelling Social Sciences, Quantitative Methods
Statistics & Probability
Teekens, T.P., MScPhD CandidateSociology
Torres Alatorre, D.M., MScProject Assistant at SCOOPPsychology, Social
Wielers, dr. R.J.J.Associate Professor Sociology of Work, Sociology of organisation Sociology
Wiersma, S., MScPhD studentSociology
Wittek, prof. dr. R.P.M.Full Professor Subdisciplines
Sociology of organizations - sociology of work - sociological theory - economic sociology - sociology of aging

Sustainable cooperation - governance - organizational control - organizational change - administrative reform - institutional change - decentralization - social network dynamics - humanitarian action
Behavioural Sciences
Zaretckii, S., MPhD CandidateSocial Network Analysis Social Sciences, Quantitative Methods
Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
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