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What you don't know about adolescent loneliness. Gerine Lodder at TEDxGroningen

24 November 2017

Gerine Lodder, postdoc at the Sociology Department of University of Groningen was one of the speakers at TEDxGroningen 2017. Gerine Lodder's research revolves around social relations. She is especially interested in loneliness in adolescence.

Like hunger is a signal to eat, loneliness is a signal to connect. The feeling of loneliness, that you can’t fit in anywhere. 3 percent of our youth feel lonely chronically, and this affects not only mental but physical health too. Loneliness affects our core, and when your core is affected everything else is affected. As a society we have the responsibility to deal with loneliness in our youth. Gerine Lodder is a researcher looking into social relations, mainly focusing on how do we get what we need from our social relations, and what happens when things go awry, as well as loneliness in adolescence. She supports an individual approach in dealing with this subject, because there is not a one size fits all solution for loneliness.

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