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Mini-symposium & Colloquium on LHTBQ Research

When:We 09-01-2019
Where:Department of Sociology, Room B.128

Minisymposium & Colloquium on LHTBQ Research

14:00 Wouter Kiekens
Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double? Effects of Sexual Orientation and Ethnicity on the Wellbeing of Multiple Minority Adults and Adolescents in Different Contexts

14:30 Ole Gmelin
“It is the most normal thing in the world, as long as it is [...] for me”: The influence of social contexts on the formation of identity narratives of young gay men.

15:00 Laura Baams
LGBTQ Adolescent's Experiences with Intimate Partner Violence and the Role of Peer Victimization

15:30 prof. dr. Stephen Russell (University of Austin, Texas)
LGBTQ Adolescence & Social Change
More than two decades of research documents disparities in health and wellbeing for sexual and gender minority (SGM) youth; research in the last decade has directly traced these disparities to experiences of discrimination and stress. At the same time, there has been dramatic social change in visibility and social acceptance regarding the lives of sexual and gender minorities. Has this social change shaped the lives of SGM youth and the contexts that they group up in? How and in what ways?

Chairs: Chaïm la Roi & René Veenstra


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