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Psychological perspectives on healthy ageing

At the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences, several research groups study adult development and ageing from a psychological perspective. Research in these groups is specifically focussed on the normal ageing process in healthy adults, rather than on pathological cases associated with behavioural or cognitive disorders. The researchers investigate both biological and social influences on age-related changes in cognition, emotion, and behaviour as people progress through adulthood into old age. Additionally, the practical implications of age-related changes in cognition, emotion, and behaviour for daily life functioning and spheres of life (e.g. work, traffic participation, bereavement) have our attention. Recent research topics include:

  • Ageing in the work context
  • Age and scientific productivity
  • Age stereotypes and age identity
  • Healthy mobility when growing older
  • Neural substrates of eating behaviour in older adults
  • Adaptation to bereavement in late life

Contact person: Minou Adami

31 Oct. 2019: Annual Healthy Ageing Symposium: Perspectives From The Behavioural And Social Sciences

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