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Psychology courses for external students

Many students from other programmes are interested in participating in psychology courses at our faculty. To regulate this influx, the following rules are in effect as of September 1, 2022, for students who are not enrolled as psychology students in the psychology department ("external" students).

For the BSc programme

External students that are explicitely listed:

  • students in a pre-master stage are allowed to participate in the courses that they are obliged to take;
  • students from the Artificial Intelligence programme at the UG may participate in the courses that are listed as “electives” in their TER/OER, and Statistics-II and -III;
  • students from the University College Groningen may participate in courses that do not contain or are a practicum. Communication and Diagnostics skills is an exception where they may participate;
  • for students from the University College Fryslân, an arrangement has yet to be made;
  • at most 100 students from the Sport Sciences Programme at the UG may participate in the course “Sport & Performance Psychology”;
  • at most 20 students from the programme “Applied Psychology” from the Hanzehogeschool may participate in a selection of courses, as a preparation minor;
  • at most 5 students from the HBO+-programme obstetrics (“Verloskunde”) may participate in courses;
  • students who once participated in our (and no other) BSc, Pre-master or MSc programme may participate as contract students in courses to fill gaps in in their exam programme, to fulfil the requirements for post-academic educational programmes;
  • exchange students of external psychology programmes may participate in courses and will be enrolled under the PSB-code;
  • students who have been admitted to the second year of the study programme by the Admissions Board on the basis of Article 6.1 of the BSS Teaching and Examination Regulation from a related study programme have unrestricted access to the compulsory post-propaedeutic subjects of the study programme, while retaining the sequential obligations of the examinations as laid down in a table in the relevant article.

All other students may only participate in courses that are part of the minor Psychology in Society or Psychology of Cognition, Development and Performance or courses that are offered as Open Modules.

For the MSc programme

Master courses are not available for "external" students, unless the specific course coordinator approves participation. In the MSc-programme, courses may be confined to students from a specific MSc-track. That means that even UG-Msc-psychology students of another track are excluded.

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