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Statistics test: study online

Follow the steps below to receive online access to Chapter 1 of the book Introduction to the practice of statistics (10th edition).

Please note

  • You have 14 days free access to the book
  • The Publisher offers the option to purchase access for 90 days. Please use this link to purchase an access code.

    When based in Germany you can use this link.

    If you are based elsewhere please contact Ciaran.hafferty (include your full name, address, postal code and email address) for other purchase options.

How to access the book

  1. Head to - - then click on the 'I Need to Enroll in a Course' box
  2. Enter the course ID: fhaxcw
  3. Click 'start a grace period' (for 14 days free access) or Enter your Access Code (purchased with the link above)
  4. Tick ‘I understand that I will need to purchase access by ….’ and create an account.
  5. Fill in your details, sign up, check your email for a link to complete your registration and sign in again
  6. Click ‘enroll in a new course’
  7. Enter Course ID or Access Code again: fhaxcw
  8. The book can be found under My Course (left menu, top icon)
  9. Make sure to select Course Content and study Chapter 1 Looking at Data- Distributions.
    The complete book is available to you but you only need to study Chapter 1.
  10. For answers to exercises you can make use of the document Chapter 1 Answers to Check-in questions and exercises (odd numbered)
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