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About selection

... for the Bachelor's programme Psychology

Update on offering places

Please note, if you are on the waiting list and the BSc Psychology in Groningen is your first choice, please be patient and keep an eye on your inbox.
We cannot predict exactly how many students will be offered a place. Last year, we were able to offer a place to ranking number 900.

Places offered up to ranking number:

  • on August 19: up to ranking number 871
  • on June 24: up to ranking number 870
  • on June 17: up to ranking number 870
  • on June 10: up to ranking number 844
  • on June 3: up to ranking number 839
  • on May 27: up to ranking number 819
  • on May 20: up to ranking number 802
  • on May 13: up to ranking number 802
  • on May 6: up to ranking number 802
  • on April 30: up to ranking number 739
  • on April 21: up to ranking number 683

We will post a new update on this page on Thursday, August 26.

The Psychology programme of the University of Groningen has a selection procedure. This means that the department decides for itself who will be admitted to the programme. The decision to select in this way was made because we would like to admit the most suitable and best motivated students. We have 600 places in the programme. So do not be discouraged to take part in the selection procedure.

What does the selection procedure mean?

The Psychology department decides for itself who will be admitted. This is done in a few steps. WAtch the animation 'In short how selection works' about these steps.

1. Application

You can apply until 15 January 2021 for the Psychology programme through Studielink. Please follow the instructions there carefully. Studielink is the central registration platform for higher education in the Netherlands:

Within ‘Studielink’ you can select either the Dutch or the English programme. Please make sure that you select 1 September as the starting date, otherwise you might encounter problems during the application process.
After your application in Studielink, your admissibility for the Psychology programme is checked. For information on the Admission procedure, please check:
Dutch students:
International students:

2. Motivation Letter

In order to participate in the selection procedure all candidates will have to write a motivation letter in which you indicate in maximal 250 words why you would like to study Psychology in Groningen. You have to upload this letter before 15 February 2021 using the link below. When you have uploaded the letter successfully, you will get a confirmation email.

By submitting your motivation letter, you are automatically registered for participation in the selection tests. The content of the letter will not be reviewed. The main goal of writing the letter is to make you think about your choice for Psychology in Groningen.

3. Selection

The selection procedure of Psychology involves three online multiple choice tests among all students who have applied for the programme. The test result compares your score with that of other participants, and thus determines your chances of admission.

This test has to be taken between Saturday, March 6, 13:00 CEST and Monday, March 8, 13:00 CEST. The test will consist of 3 parts:

The score of your test results will be compared with that of the other participants, and thus determines your chances to be accepted.

Questions? Please read the selection test FAQ's.

4. Admission

In April 2021 you will receive your ranking number through Studielink. Your ranking number is based on your test scores. Your position on the rankings determines whether you will be admitted to the programme.


If you have any further questions on

  • your admission, please send an email to: bss.bsc.admission
  • the selection procedure, please send an email to: psychology
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