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Dutch or English bachelor

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Dutch or English bachelor
Dutch or English bachelor

We offer our bachelor programme in Psychology both in Dutch and English. Prospective students can choose the programme that best fits their needs.

Studying Psychology in Dutch...

Choosing the Psychology bachelor programme means choosing a high-level university programme that is focused on theoretical explanations of human behaviour.

Studying Psychology can be a first step towards a career in the Dutch health-care system and/or the social sector, for example in the field of Clinical Psychology. Being familiar with the Dutch health-care system and high proficiency in the Dutch language are two important prerequisites for effective communication with colleagues and patients. Thus, for Dutch students who want to work in an applied setting, the Dutch programme can be the natural choice.

However, it is important to realize that even in the Dutch programme, English plays an important role. Almost all the literature that you will encounter during the bachelor programme will be in English. Therefore, studying Psychology inevitably requires a good working knowledge of English.

...or in English

Your bachelor studies provide you with the theoretical basis for your later career in psychology, regardless of the specialization that you choose. You learn various theoretical approaches to human behaviour and how to study behaviour as a scientist.

By definition, science is an international enterprise, with English as its common language, connecting researchers both within Europe and across the globe. Dutch scientists often publish their work in English and collaborate with researchers across the border. At the same time, students and researchers from abroad are quickly integrated in the Dutch university system.

Our English programme does not only provide a chance to learn a new profession, but also offers easy access to the international world of science and research. From the first day on, you will get to know an international group of students and instructors. You will present and discuss research studies in English. This will prepare you for a master’s programme abroad, or for one of the many English master’s programmes in the Netherlands (e.g., our two-year research master’s programmes). But also if you choose a career in business, a good command of English will open a few extra doors.

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